Thursday, October 8, 2009


I know, I know, where have I been all week?! Well, the truth is, I've been sleeping. Or rather, I've been trying to sleep while being woken up every few minutes by contractions. That's right -- CONTRACTIONS.

Let me start by saying that I have had Braxton Hicks contractions throughout this pregnancy, from right around 17 weeks they have been pretty constant. However, throughout the weekend, and then into Monday I noticed a pretty serious change in the frequency of said contractions. As in...I was having them every 2-3 minutes and no amount of changing position or drinking water was making them change.

So Monday night Matt and I headed into Labor & Delivery at the hospital. I was hooked up to some fun little machines and immediately checked for dilation. I'll spare you the details on that particular aspect of the night -- you're welcome! Suffice it to say, after 4 hours of monitoring, two doses of medicine, a urine test, an ultrasound, and two cervical checks, they have no idea why I am contracting and they can't seem to get my stubborn uterus to stop contracting. The only explanation to be had is "you have an irritable uterus". Whoopie.

THE GOOD NEWS -- I am not dilating yet, and the baby looks great! In fact, we got to see our precious little one practicing his/her sucking. Those lips look very, very, very kissable you guys! The midwife told us that aside from the contractions, everything looks great, so unless my contractions get noticeably worse, or my water breaks, that this is pretty much just going to be the norm for the next few weeks until I deliver our little sweet pea.

I'm so thankful that our child is doing well, but at the same time I am so extremely exhausted. It's incredibly hard to sleep through contractions, and I am just not comfortable taking a sleeping pill every night while this little one is inside of me.

Hopefully I will figure out a sleep pattern soon, but until then, if I am a little scarce commenting on your websites, or posting here, please forgive me...blame my irritable uterus!


  1. Oh Bekah, you have been on my mind lately.

    You cranky? yes, right. Hmmmm hmm.

    Sounds like you have every reason to be so. Hope that things settle down soon and you get some sleep.

    Big hugs.


  2. just a random lurker saying good luck!

  3. Dang those irritable uteruses! Hope you get some good sleep soon.

  4. I have been thinking about you all week....I am sorry you are not feeling well...darn uterus! Who knew THAT could be irritable!! Take care!

  5. Hope things get better soon! At least you know you are getting closer to the big prize!

  6. Yikes! Sorry about your irritable uterus! I hope it calms down to let you get some SLEEP!


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