Friday, October 16, 2009

Oh Those Golden Arches

As I approach the last few weeks of pregnancy, I've been looking back on some of the misconceptions I had about myself prior to conceiving.

Here are two of my favorites that I've come to realize.

1. I wouldn't give in to every craving and temptation that comes my way. True story you guys -- before I was pregnant I had NEVER, ever, not once in my entire life, ordered at a drive-thru window. And now? Well...if my child is born clutching a french fry I will not be surprised in the least. And then I'll probably steal it's french fry for good measure.

2. I wouldn't gain more than 25 lbs. Ha ha ha ohhhhh dear....see above comment about the french fry.'s kind of like that for me too, only replace 'marbles' with 'Crispy Chicken Sandwich'.


  1. hehe I just found out I was pregnant about a month ago. I thought I'd go super healthy and be good. uh...negative I'm right there with those hippos but for me its DQ fries and ice cream as well as chips and dip and anything else uh-healthy! i'm all for having a cute chubby baby... :) haha

  2. You are so cute. Love the new header.


  3. I can't believe you're so close to having the baby!! It seems like just yesterday you were announcing you were pregnant!

    I laughed when you said you'd take your baby's french fry!! hee hee.

    And I like the new header too!

  4. You're so close! LUCKY. I too have been surprised by the eating thing. I thought for sure I would be eating everything in sight. Which I did my first trimester. But now that I'm in my second trimester I'm actually not as hungry. Weird.

  5. You're so funny! The baby will be here before you know it!!

  6. ROFL I love it! It's true, we ALL go into pregnancy thinking "well I wont' do/eat/say this" and then that all flies out the window. LOL


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