Wednesday, November 18, 2009

In A Word...

As many of you know, Jack had his first photo shoot this week. We had to stretch out the shoot to the next day as well, since Jack woke up and many of the poses that were planned for him worked only if he was asleep. If I had to sum up the shoot in one would probably be...let me think about it...


Poop EVERYWHERE. Poop on the baby, poop on Mommy's clothes, poop on the photographer, poop on the props. Seriously, it was like the sight of the camera made my poor child immediately empty his bowels. But did that bother Jack? Not one bit. Little dude was perfectly content and stared around the room just taking in all the sights while letting out all know.

I must say, I was pretty proud of his man toots. At one point I was holding him in position while Trinity set up the shot, and he really let one rip. Trinity glanced at me and smirked. "Ohhhh no you don't! That was Jack!" I informed her. I think it's safe to say she was dutifully impressed by my little man.

How is it possible that someone who tips the scales at less than 8 pounds can, over the course of an hour or so, produce enough poop to cover two adult women, himself, a bean bag chair, two pairs of socks, and four diapers?

I'm just....I'm so proud of my little pooper!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Better Late Than Never!

About two weeks before Jack was born, Matt and I went out with our dear friend (and fabulous photographer) Trinity Walker to do some maternity photos. This girl can take a picture y'all!
We went back to my Grandmother's farm, where I grew up, and in what can only be described as a perfectly golden evening, spent some time capturing my pregnancy.
I cannot thank her enough, nor can I express how beautiful I think these pictures are.

We made plans to get together to take a few more pictures, but before we could do so, Jack made his big appearance! In honor of that momentous occasion, she debuted these photos on her website that very night! Follow that link to see more from our shoot. They are stunning, if I do say so myself!
For this one we went to our local super market and gave the residents of our small town a big laugh!

On Monday Jack will have his first big photo shoot with her to take some newborn pictures that I already know will be darling!
Thank you Trinity, for using your marvelous talent to help us document and remember these precious, and all too fleeting, moments of our lives.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Oh Boy

Shortly after arriving home from the hospital, I was excited to look up Jack's picture on the hospital website.
TA-DAAA!!! I squealed in glee over his chubby cheeks, his perfect lips, that tiny little nose. And I was excited to see that the blanket I made for him showed up well in the picture.

Then my mom pointed out something I had missed.

My son flipped off the camera.
Nice one Jack, nice one!

Monday, November 9, 2009

World, Meet Jack

Can you guess why I haven't been around lately? If you guessed it was because our precious baby boy was born on November 6th you are right!

Showing off his pretty brown eyes.

Jack Quinlan was born at 8:37 pm, after only 12 hours of labor. He weighed in at 7lbs 1oz. and is 19 inches long...cutest little peanut I have ever seen! My water broke early on Friday morning, and by Friday evening my son was in my arms. My life was changed so completely in that moment, and I will forever be grateful for this precious gift of God.
Wide awake with Aunt Emily.

Bear with me as we get settled into a routine here at home, I can't wait to introduce you all to him a little bit more through this website. Thank you for your advice, your sweet thoughts and words, your well-wishes and above all, your prayers.
From being a couple, to a the blink of an eye.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Four Day Weekend

Although the full moon yesterday failed to induce labor, I still feel as if this last weekend was one of the most productive, yet fun weekends Matt and I have had for a while.

You see, Matt is sick. Well...he has a cold. So on Friday, he stayed called in a substitute and stayed home from school. I just so happened to have Friday off, as well as Monday, so Matt and I spent the day just doing our thing. Whatever 'our thing' might be -- basically, I just like spending the day with him. What can I say, the dude makes me laugh!

We went to my weekly OB appointment, listened to our baby's heartbeat and smiled at each other from across the room. That little thump-thump-thump never ceases to amaze me. Want to hear it? Here you go! The video is upside down, what you are seeing is my doctors hand on my belly, and my sneakers. Mostly...just's pretty quick.

After that we stopped in at a furniture store and, on a complete whim, bought a new couch! It's amazing, the price was well below what we expected, and we love it. PLUS it meant we now had a better place to sit than the other couch that I had found sitting on a curb and brought home. I know...I've GOT to stop doing that. It's just that we had this empty room that needed a couch and I was driving along and HEY! A COUCH! So I brought it home. Then we realized that there was a very good reason it was out on the curb. That reason being -- it was awful.

After our couch-buying adventure, Matt took me out to lunch where I had an amazing Santa Fe Salad...I mention this only because I wanted to point out that I was trying to order something spicy to satisfy the old wives tale that spicy food induces labor. It didn't work. But I gave it a fair shot and it was delicious. Any other suggestions?

Once we got home, we decided that our house really made more sense if we switched up some of the room functions. SO - We moved the office stuff and our other couch (not one we found in the garbage!) into the room that had been the living room, then we moved all the living room stuff into the room that had been mostly empty with just a desk and computer. THEN, since we are insane, we decided to re-arrange our bedroom as well.

Pardon the quality of these pictures, I left my camera with my sister Emily so she could acquaint herself with it - she will be taking pictures of Sweet Pea's birth! Since my camera is with her...these are from my cell phone...not the best quality.
This is new office/den area, with our old couch and chair moved out there.
New couch and living room set-up!!

It is remarkably hard to get a decent picture of our's very small, so you almost have to stand in it and turn around. you can see the changes. New bedding (Matt picked it out...I LOVE IT!), dresser in a new place, little white dresser thing in a new place, BABY BASSINET IN PLACE!

This took all of Friday night, and most of Saturday. I'm feeling tired again just remembering it! But...the finished product is SO much better, we both love it!

Saturday evening we went trick-or-treating with my nephews, Emerson and Branson. Branson was, well...he was...I have no idea. Something from Star Wars. He told me, but I didn't have a clue what he was talking about, but I wanted to be all cool and hip, so I just said "Oh! I LOVED that guy!". Emerson was much more recognizable as a tiger.
Sunday was a great day as well. After church, Matt's parents came down to visit, see the baby's room in it's finished state, and hang out. We took them antiquing at this humongous antiques place called Greybeard's. Four stories of stuff ya'll! We didn't buy a thing, but it's just fun to walk around and try on old hats and such.

I was blessed to have Monday off as well, and although I was sad to see Matt head off to work in the morning, I did get a lot of work done on the baby blanket I started, then neglected.
What do you think? The colors are a little off there...that dark color is a deep burgundy. I am not so sure that I like the stitches. I did it that way because I did want it to look a little rough/handmade, but I'm second-guessing myself big-time.

Whew...I can't believe we packed all of that into one weekend! Now if only this baby would get here...

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