Sunday, November 15, 2009

Better Late Than Never!

About two weeks before Jack was born, Matt and I went out with our dear friend (and fabulous photographer) Trinity Walker to do some maternity photos. This girl can take a picture y'all!
We went back to my Grandmother's farm, where I grew up, and in what can only be described as a perfectly golden evening, spent some time capturing my pregnancy.
I cannot thank her enough, nor can I express how beautiful I think these pictures are.

We made plans to get together to take a few more pictures, but before we could do so, Jack made his big appearance! In honor of that momentous occasion, she debuted these photos on her website that very night! Follow that link to see more from our shoot. They are stunning, if I do say so myself!
For this one we went to our local super market and gave the residents of our small town a big laugh!

On Monday Jack will have his first big photo shoot with her to take some newborn pictures that I already know will be darling!
Thank you Trinity, for using your marvelous talent to help us document and remember these precious, and all too fleeting, moments of our lives.


  1. Great shots - that top one is lovely - so full of love!

  2. Congratulations!!! I've been reading your posts at work (and aww-ing over baby Jack) but I haven't been able to comment.

    I love these pictures. They're so different than ones I usually see! I love the first one, she captured a great moment!!

  3. Bekah, these are such beautiful pictures...The first one made my eyes tear up, that is so sweet and what a special moment to have on film.....these are beautiful. I can not wait to see the pics of are right, they will be amazing!

  4. I LOVE them! You are absolutely glowing!

  5. Those pictures are beautiful! Love the creativity of the bump ahead one, and the glow of autumn light for the others. Congrats!!

  6. Those photos are stunning! What a wonderful time to preserve for your memories.

    Oh, and the photo below of baby Jack? Priceless!

  7. BEAUTIFUL! I am feeling bad now that i didn't get maternity shots done. Had all intentions of it, but then just felt so "fat" at the end. Oh well!

  8. Oh it is you and hubby! Great shots. What great memories:)

  9. Love the pics, you look FAB! And I am jealous of your super muscular arms!

  10. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL shots!!! I felt so big and ugly when pregnant that I didn't have anything like this done..and now, in retrospect, I totally wish I had!!!


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