Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Four Day Weekend

Although the full moon yesterday failed to induce labor, I still feel as if this last weekend was one of the most productive, yet fun weekends Matt and I have had for a while.

You see, Matt is sick. Well...he has a cold. So on Friday, he stayed called in a substitute and stayed home from school. I just so happened to have Friday off, as well as Monday, so Matt and I spent the day just doing our thing. Whatever 'our thing' might be -- basically, I just like spending the day with him. What can I say, the dude makes me laugh!

We went to my weekly OB appointment, listened to our baby's heartbeat and smiled at each other from across the room. That little thump-thump-thump never ceases to amaze me. Want to hear it? Here you go! The video is upside down, what you are seeing is my doctors hand on my belly, and my sneakers. Mostly...just listen...it's pretty quick.

After that we stopped in at a furniture store and, on a complete whim, bought a new couch! It's amazing, the price was well below what we expected, and we love it. PLUS it meant we now had a better place to sit than the other couch that I had found sitting on a curb and brought home. I know...I've GOT to stop doing that. It's just that we had this empty room that needed a couch and I was driving along and HEY! A COUCH! So I brought it home. Then we realized that there was a very good reason it was out on the curb. That reason being -- it was awful.

After our couch-buying adventure, Matt took me out to lunch where I had an amazing Santa Fe Salad...I mention this only because I wanted to point out that I was trying to order something spicy to satisfy the old wives tale that spicy food induces labor. It didn't work. But I gave it a fair shot and it was delicious. Any other suggestions?

Once we got home, we decided that our house really made more sense if we switched up some of the room functions. SO - We moved the office stuff and our other couch (not one we found in the garbage!) into the room that had been the living room, then we moved all the living room stuff into the room that had been mostly empty with just a desk and computer. THEN, since we are insane, we decided to re-arrange our bedroom as well.

Pardon the quality of these pictures, I left my camera with my sister Emily so she could acquaint herself with it - she will be taking pictures of Sweet Pea's birth! Since my camera is with her...these are from my cell phone...not the best quality.
This is new office/den area, with our old couch and chair moved out there.
New couch and living room set-up!!

It is remarkably hard to get a decent picture of our bedroom...it's very small, so you almost have to stand in it and turn around. But...here you can see the changes. New bedding (Matt picked it out...I LOVE IT!), dresser in a new place, little white dresser thing in a new place, BABY BASSINET IN PLACE!

This took all of Friday night, and most of Saturday. I'm feeling tired again just remembering it! But...the finished product is SO much better, we both love it!

Saturday evening we went trick-or-treating with my nephews, Emerson and Branson. Branson was, well...he was...I have no idea. Something from Star Wars. He told me, but I didn't have a clue what he was talking about, but I wanted to be all cool and hip, so I just said "Oh! I LOVED that guy!". Emerson was much more recognizable as a tiger.
Sunday was a great day as well. After church, Matt's parents came down to visit, see the baby's room in it's finished state, and hang out. We took them antiquing at this humongous antiques place called Greybeard's. Four stories of stuff ya'll! We didn't buy a thing, but it's just fun to walk around and try on old hats and such.

I was blessed to have Monday off as well, and although I was sad to see Matt head off to work in the morning, I did get a lot of work done on the baby blanket I started, then neglected.
What do you think? The colors are a little off there...that dark color is a deep burgundy. I am not so sure that I like the stitches. I did it that way because I did want it to look a little rough/handmade, but I'm second-guessing myself big-time.

Whew...I can't believe we packed all of that into one weekend! Now if only this baby would get here...


  1. Bekah! I love the new set up of the house!! It looks awesome!

  2. Everything looks wonderful. Isn't that what they call nesting?

    And hey, are you still working? When does your Mat leave start?


  3. Sounds like you had a great time nesting, and I love your new couch-perfect spot for curling up with the new baby (and thanks for the heartbeat soundtrack-brings back memories!)

  4. Oh, I was so hoping this would be the post where we get to meet the baby mouse. Everything looks awesome in your house!

  5. I love the blanket. I think it's adorable!!

  6. LOVE it ALL. And that precious little one will arrive soon. :o)

  7. I think that you've motivated me to do some rearranging now! everything looks really great, and the blanket looks cozy. Your post brought back so many memories! I hope you both have a wonderful time ahead.

  8. Come on baby! I think y'all are ready!

  9. Everything looks great! I love moving rooms around, cuz suddenly it makes everything seem so fresh and brand-new. ;-) It makes me want to move my furniture around. LOL

  10. I just *LOVE* leaving a comment and then realizing my silly hubby never logged off so it looks like the comment is from HIM! Grrrr...LOL


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