Thursday, November 12, 2009

Oh Boy

Shortly after arriving home from the hospital, I was excited to look up Jack's picture on the hospital website.
TA-DAAA!!! I squealed in glee over his chubby cheeks, his perfect lips, that tiny little nose. And I was excited to see that the blanket I made for him showed up well in the picture.

Then my mom pointed out something I had missed.

My son flipped off the camera.
Nice one Jack, nice one!


  1. LOL! He must make a good first impression! Already a jokester!

  2. How funny.....seriously, he is so sweet and so this picture...great for a hospital photo too!

  3. That is SO great! He is so cute. Such munchable cheeks!

  4. So funny! Naughty already, and so precious!

  5. Fresh out of the womb and already feisty! LOL

  6. What a sweetie, already with an attitude!

  7. That is so funny. I remember having those types of pictures with my kids. Funny how that happens!
    BTW, congratulations on this new bundle of joy you have. I am so excited for you. Your life is such an adventure now with so many good moments. Savor them all because, Ahem, it goes by verrryyy quickly.
    Oh, and take lot's of pictures! He will change daily.
    I hope you are recovering well and getting some naps in when he sleeps.
    Best wishes to you new parents!

  8. Atta boy! A chip off the old block!

  9. So cute! Aw the smell of sweet.

  10. Congrats! and he'd been through a lot in such a short time so I think it's alright he flipped off the world.


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