Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tomb of the Unknown Onesie

It was a sad day here in the Country Mouse household.

The tiny socks lined up to pay their respects, the stuffed animals mourned, and the pacifiers wept.

A onesie had been killed in the line of doody (ha duty? doody? get it? ooookay...moving on).
His selfless act guaranteed the survival of the tiny sweater and pants ensemble that was worn on top of the onesie...

His sacrifice will not be forgotten.


  1. Ah - um ....Bekah,

    This is one of the most unusual, and unforgettable blog posts I think that I have ever come across. Very original on your part. LOL.

    What about darker colored onsies? Teh he.


  2. LOL! Oh Bekah, that was funny. I think the doody is gettin' to ya!

  3. Many a onesie laid down it's life in saving E's outfits!

  4. This has nothing to do with your post, but I thought you would enjoy it....
    I overheard my students talking today and they were discussing "remember when..." for the yearbook. One of their remember whens was, "Remember when Mr. W worked here?"
    Hahaha. The kids still talk about him and miss him.

  5. Hey need to update your profile....he is here.... :)

  6. RIP, Onesie!

    And man, oh man, I DO NOT miss those newborn poops! LOL

  7. ha ha very funny! I remember all those unretrievables.....whoops, slipped into the garbage basket. oh dear!


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