Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A VERY Blustery Day

The storm that ripped through our area yesterday caused us to rethink our love for the massive trees that surround our home.

Why is that you might ask?

Here, let me show you...

Yeah...that was taken from the window in the back of our home. That tree uprooted next to our neighbors shed, and fell within three feet of our house.

Several other trees fell as well, but that one was by far the closest to the house. We have some serious clean-up on our hands, but when I think of how bad that could have been, I'm struck by how protected we were.

Now we are just keeping an eye on the creek. It's already running very high. To give you some perspective, that deck you see across the creek? There is a set of stairs that runs down about ten feet to the water that is now completely submerged.

Were you all affected by the storms of the past few days? Are you all okay?


  1. Wow - you were lucky indeed. Glad to hear you're all OK!

  2. Yikes! I soo do not look forward to our clean up either!

  3. That's scary. We're suppose to get rain tonight into tomorrow and colder temps. Not lookin' forward to it.

  4. Water is scary to me. My old workplace flooded last year. Millions of dollars in damages. Crazy!!

    I hope that that's as high as your creek gets!!

  5. I'm just looking at Jacos picture to the left in the blue bandana ... he really looks like 2 PAC IN THAT PICTURE!

  6. Greets!

    It is my first time here. I just wanted to say hi!


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