Monday, January 4, 2010

Won't You Be My Neighbor?

It's no secret that I live in area. Some people might call it redneck country. Over the course of the past year Matt and I have come to learn that our neighbors are...uh...colorful, to put it nicely.

For example I have seen one of my neighbors towing a boat down the road with a riding lawn mower. A RIDING LAWN MOWER. TOWING A BOAT. I nearly wrecked my car (I also have seen neighbors filling up the gas tanks in the mowers at the closest gas station...I'm just sayin').
I'd like to introduce you...

Directly to our right is Leon and his brood. His grand-daughters are the ones that have massive crushes on my husband and gravitate to our house if Matt so much as looks out of the window. I kid you not, we have had to tell them that it's rude to look into the windows and yell Matt's name. Annoying yes, but really...can you blame them? He's cute, has a job, and he has all of his teeth. That's pretty much Mr. Right 'round these parts.

To our left is...well, I don't know WHO lives to our left, because we have NEVER, not once, seen them. I think maybe they are vampires that can only come out at night? I mean...we see evidence of them, they have a truck, their garbage cans somehow mysteriously make it to the road every Wednesday, but we never see people. I suspect the Cullens. Its strange to say the least. If I were less of a recluse I would have rung the doorbell and said Hi when we moved in, but I'm just not that outgoing.

Across the street is Mr. Wilson. Yes, my neighbor's name is Mr. Wilson..and that's not even the best part. His first name? The name he introduced himself as? PICKLE. Pickle Wilson. Pickle has lived here forever from the sound of things. He just recently introduced himself, we think he waited to see if Matt and I would be good neighbors or if we were trouble. He informed us that he likes what we've done to the place, and that he is having some trouble with the "damn kids and their bee-bee guns on his property".

And honestly? I wouldn't have it any other way. Our neighbors may be odd, but they are kind (well...the jury is still out on the recluse house to the left...but they haven't been overtly mean at any rate). I look forward to many summer nights sitting on the porch with Matt giggling over the antics of our fellow rednecks.

Do you have neighbors like mine? Do you even know your neighbors? Are you the redneck neighbor?


  1. Lucky you. I have one very awful neighbor. But it might totally make up for it if I found out their name was PICKLE.

  2. im def the redneck neighbor in these parts - mainly bc im the only person from texas they've ever met. unfortunately i dont know any of our neighbors - they are big on privacy here and i hate it. the boy had to explain to me that it was normal that no one brought us cookies when we moved in - i was devastated.

  3. Oh no fun! neither of you have fun neighbors? That stinks! Ours are a constant, failproof source of entertainment

  4. Oh yes I do!! Way back when I posted about the Mary Kay party across the road. The Mary Kay lady was missin' her front teeth! There are special folks but like your's very nice. Just special!

  5. Oh my gosh!! I want to be your neighbor! It sounds so entertaining.

  6. I was inspired to writing my own neighborly post...none of my neighbors are as colorful as yours, but none the less...

  7. Our neighbors have been friendly too, and there are definitely some redneck ones around here, though not too close to us. Most of our neighbors are Amish!

    But down at the lake there are some rednecked ones. And they seem to think that living in a double wide makes them RICH!


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