Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Little Premature

I went outside to take some pictures today, pictures of SPRING! Because, after a long winter, there is nothing better than new flowers sprouting in the garden, tiny hopeful buds on the trees, and fresh green grass poking up through the mud.

But right before I uploaded the pictures of SPRING! to the computer, my mom called to tell me that our plans for tomorrow(family night!) might need to be postponed.

"Oh why?" I naively asked.

"Haven't you seen the weather? 8 inches of snow in the forecast for tonight and tomorrow. 50 mile an hour winds. White-out conditions." She replied rather matter-of-factly.

Ouch! Way to break it to me lightly Mom! Like rippin' off a band-aid I guess.

I am still hoping for a mistake on the weathermans part, like maybe he got it wrong and it will actually be a balmy 68 degrees tomorrow? Please? But just in case...I'm off to the grocery store, to shoulder my way through the masses of people buying bread and milk. Because when you're snowed in there is nothing more appealing than BREAD and MILK.

You'll find me in the cookie aisle.


  1. The complete list is bread, milk, eggs, and toilet paper. That way you can make french toast in your bathroom (a blizzard staple I guess).

  2. lol I was in the frozen pizza aisle =)

  3. Yes, I did the dirty grocery store deed today too! YUCK! and I saw my tulips coming up too! sad!

  4. are so right.....nothing like bread and milk in a snow storm...hopefully, they have it wrong....for your sake, I hope so!

  5. Good luck with that! Don't forget batteries. Oh, and gas for your car. LOL

    Our forecasters called for snow like every day between Tuesday and Sunday. So far we've only gotten snow ONCE (just rain, boo, hiss) and nowhere near what they predicted!


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