Sunday, March 21, 2010


We recently noticed that the floors in our kitchen were beginning to buckle, and no amount of pretending it wasn't there could alleviate the problem. We finally buckled down and just tore up the floor, and two layers of linoleum, one layer of plywood, and ANOTHER layer of linoleum later we were horrified to find black mold. And lots of it.

As much as I am upset to have this problem, I am much more upset that my infant has been exposed to it.

We will be staying at my mother's house until we can fix this, but we just don't know where to start. Do we call an inspector? Insurance? Torch it? (just kidding...I keep trying to make myself find the humor in the isn't working)

I'm not one to wallow in gloom, but it is tempting. Oh so tempting.


  1. Oh goodness Bekah! That's terrible! Are you all feeling alright? No one is sick? Maybe you could call the pediatrician for some much needed reassurance. I'll keep you guys in my prayers, and I understand about wanting to burn it all. I tell Jeff all the time that we aren't packing and moving again, the house is getting blown up. ;) (of course it's not... but it has so much more appeal!)

  2. (((Bekah))) I'd call insurance. Anonymously, at first. And research the net. (((And be well))) What a blessing you have your mom's place. But...gah...I know...this sucks!

  3. Bekah, here's a link with some good info on homeowners' and mold coverage.


  4. I told my husand your situation and he suggests calling your insurance first, they could refer you to someone. If it's not covered by your insurance then check with something like a fire restoration company.
    That really stinks...I hope it gets resolved quickly.

  5. Oh Bekah I'm so sorry! Definitely go to the doctor if you start feeling weird at all. I will keep you guys in my prayers!

  6. I'm so sorry to hear that! How aweful. I hope it gets resovled soon. I left an award for you over on blog though. Hopefully that will cheer you up.


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