Tuesday, March 23, 2010

News from the Street Yo

So while I have been having fun pretending to be a real homeless hoodlum on the street, Matt put on his angry pants and called the seller of our home. (It should be noted that it's not the previous person who lived there, we bought our house from a property group that buys, renovates, and sells houses.) We did this for a few reasons, namely we believe that while he personally may not have known about the mold/moisture issue in the house he 'renovated' for us, someone directly under him did know, and that person covered it up with a piece of plywood and some cheap linoleum.

The seller sort of confirmed this by pleading for 12 hours before we called anyone else, while assuring us that he would take care of the issue...and today, a contractor met Matt at the house, looked at everything, and told the seller (who also came to the house) that he needed to take care of this, and he needed to do it right.

I don't know all the details, but Matt just called me, and for the first time this week it wasn't a tearful call with bad news, I heard a tiny hint of hope in his voice, and that is all I need to know that this is good you guys. Really good.

We are being told that this is not going to be quick, so we will need to basically move out of our house for a while, but what a blessing huh?

Also...I DO have pictures that I am dying to share with you, but my card reader is at the house, and I am in my mom's basement...so I'll keep working on that! Several of you urged me to take Jack to the pediatrician, and I wanted to assure you that we have! She listened to his lungs, and checked him out in general, and (huge blessing again!) our baby boy is perfectly healthy. She believes that he was not exposed to mold spores long enough for it to have an adverse effect on him, but we will of course be keeping a close eye out for any symptoms.

I know that things aren't perfect just yet, nor will we be moving out of the basement anytime soon, but I am just so overwhelmed at the answers to our prayers, I am walkin' on sunshine over here folks! I can't thank you enough for your concern, encouragement, and prayers.


  1. Yeah, that's good news all around.

  2. Oh man, that is horrible about what happened with the house! But I'm glad it's being rectified so you can get back into your house as soon as possible! And glad jack is a-ok!

  3. Great news! Relief is in sight!

  4. That's horrible about the mold, but I'm so glad that it sounds like it's going to work out! Even though you are 'homeless' for a little bit, at least someone else is picking up the cost!!

  5. Such a sigh of relief for everyone. Thankfully it sounds like it will be fixed soon.



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