Friday, March 26, 2010

Warrior? Maybe.

Much to my surprise, I had absolutely zero trouble losing the weight I had gained during pregnancy. Jack is a little on the fussy side, and to keep him happy for the first few months of his life required constant dancing around the house. Dancing is a great calorie burner, as is breastfeeding, so between the two the weight kind of melted off.

HOWEVER that does not mean my rear end is not more jiggly than ever, nor that my stomach does not seem to flop over every pair of jeans I own.

So what is a girl to do? Well, if that girl has a supportive husband, they sign up for a 5K together. We have run together a grand total of ONE time in the six years we have known each other, so Matt is taking a bit of a risk signing on with me as a running partner.

As for me, I am also taking a bit of a risk, Matt is a track coach. And Matt is bossy. It's like I can actually smell the arguments coming.

Since we have never run together, we knew we had to pick a very special race, and did we find it? DID WE EVER.

This is no ordinary 5K people, this one has obstacles. obstacles like this:

GULP. I am in so much trouble.
We are signed up to run the northeast course, along with a bunch of Matt's college buddies. Shockingly none of my female friends want to run! I wonder why??
There are some serious perks though, I can't forget to add that. There is free beer (!), a warrior helmet (sweet!), and the typical t-shirt.
Oh also pulled muscles, blisters, scratches, possible concussions, humiliation, and embarrassment!
On second thought, maybe a jiggly rear isn't such a bad thing...


  1. You're a braver woman than me (and I obviously need to comment more here) I would love to just play in mud though. With a helmet and t-shirt :)

  2. Awesome! If I lived closer, I would totally do that race with you!

  3. you should have let me know! I have done a few 5ks!!! I totally wouldve done it with you!! Im glad to hear ur losing the weight easy etc (not that Im rly surprised considering how TINY u were pre baby)..makes me hopeful for myself one day lol

  4. I would never agree to that....may be why I never lost the weight from having children!! You Go!!!

  5. Good for you! Don't let Matt push you around.

  6. Glad to hear the mold issue is working out and that Jack is fine!
    Boy! do I wish I was in great enough shape to do this 5k. It looks awsome! Did you check out the ski X races during the winter Olympics? Now that is something that makes me wish I was just 10 years younger, and not some 40 something!

  7. That's intense!

    Thanks for the heads up on Macy's! I think my blog comments are working now.

  8. love your blog! i will add it to my reader now! wow...good luck on the run...i'm so not a runner!

  9. Um. WOW. There's nothing halfway about you is there? Not just any plain ole 5k... it's gotta be the dirty crazy 5k! ;)

    I hope someone gets pictures!!


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