Monday, April 12, 2010

Baby Toes

"I'd like to remember
I'd like to know all you are
I'd like to know everything
You'll be

Where will you go?
What will you do?
When the world's right in front of you.

When I think of how slowly
Life passes by
Then I blink and you're growing
no longer a child"

                        -Plumb 'Blink'

More and more I find myself in complete awe when I stare at Jack's feet.  I kiss his tiny toes as I marvel at their perfection and try to remember the feel of them thumping about in my womb.

Just knowing that it was THOSE little feet dancing a rumba against my ribs is a thought that never fails to put a smile on  my face.

Where will those feet take him?  What marvels will he see on the road he chooses to walk? 

Will he have to stumble a few times like I did before he learns who he is meant to be?
Will he be dead-set and determined to follow one road like his Daddy?

Sometimes I think I would like to freeze time right now, to always keep this perfect little boy at five months old, so I never forget the way he grabs my face and smiles in the morning.  The future is unknown and a little bit scary sometimes, but then I remember how exciting the future can be, and I know all I can do is guide him on the right road, and be there to love on him when he strays from that path.


  1. Their feet, their hands, their tiny little faces. I love it all.

  2. Awww, I love baby feet! :)

  3. Such cute little chubby baby boy feet! Amazing he is 5 months old. I remember when you first told us you were prego! It flies by doesn't it? Enjoy these precious times.


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