Wednesday, April 7, 2010

House Update

Well...we had our mold inspection.  Ed from E.H.C. came to our house, took air samples, and checked various places for mold, or rather he checked the severity of the mold in our home.  We should know by the end of the week just how bad it is, but he was able to tell us that even though the results of the test will be in this week, work will not be started for about a month.  A MONTH.

I was prepared to hear that it might take a month to get our home back in order, or even a little longer, but I wasn't really expecting to hear that nothing would begin for another month.  Frankly?  That sucks.

Wanna know something else really cool?  There were three sheets of something that were left in our basement, they are pretty big so we haven't been able to get rid of them, and we thought they really weren't hurting anything.  The inspector took one look at it, said "We'll have to get rid of that too...that's asbestos."


I'm getting tired of ending my posts on a negative note, so I'd like to thank Vanessa Rogers for leaving this quote for me...I've been trying to reflect on it when I get down because once again my shoe is pushed under the furnace or my underwear seem to have gone missing somewhere in the storage boxes. 

"The cavity which suffering carves into our souls will one day also be the receptacle of joy."
 - Neil A. Maxwell


  1. you poor things :(

    not sure what to say- i hope time flies!

  2. I feel for you! Hopefully this time will just fly by!

  3. wow! that is crazy! at least you will look forward to having a home to clean again!

  4. Your very welcome. I found that quote very comforting when we were going through a rough time. I am glad that I can pass it along.

  5. It will go quickly.

    When you are lost in the forest, each tree is enormous. It's only when you get out and gain some perspective that you realize they are only sticks clumped together.

    Think of the end result, a safe and comfortable home. It's coming.

    Hugs to you Becka.


  6. Bless your heart! :( That's such a bummer, when it rains, it pours huh?


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