Monday, April 5, 2010

What A Birthday

1. Today is Matt's birthday! Happy birthday sweetheart! To celebrate, he had a dentist appointment this morning.  Crazy huh?

2. Today is also the day of our mold inspection.  Your prayers would be appreciated! On some level I am still hoping to hear the inspector say "Mold? What mold?  This place is spotless!" but I'm fairly sure that is wishful thinking.

3. Jack officially has his first fever.  He is doing all right, mostly he is just sleepy. 

4. This post is kind of a downer, no?  Sorry...hopefully this picture makes up for all the bad news lately! Jack and Emerson were lookin' pretty sharp for church yesterday!  My sister and I have a tendency to show up somewhere wearing matching outfits without talking about it beforehand, and it appears that we have translated that into our children's clothing as well ( our husbands matched as well, but they refused to sit together in front of the flower bed).

5. While this is certainly not the birthday I would like for Matt, I'm going to attempt to make it a good one...he has requested a cake called "Heaven and Hell" so that is what he shall have!  I hope...wish me luck...we all know that I am KIND of a disaster in the kitchen. 


  1. Lol! My mom and aunt used to do that, show up in the same clothes. They even had the same sunglasses forever! ;)

  2. awww! i miss the baby wearing days!!

    those 2 boys are so cute together! what a blessing for you and your sister to have babies so close in age!


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