Friday, April 16, 2010


This time of year always evokes memories of childhood, when the dandelions sprout their magical white tips, each tiny seed with the potential to bring dreams to life.  Memories flood back so quickly, and I remember hopefully making wishes in the warm spring sunshine.

The innocent wishes of a child with so few cares, who still knew how to dream big.  A girl who believed her life would mimic the books she carried with her in her black canvas bookbag.  Who hunched over with scraped knees and plucked each snowy frond, deliberately blowing the seeds in her own front yard, even though she knew she wasn't supposed to spread the magical little weed.

I want to be an astronaut.   I want to fall in have 12 be a write a book.  I wish I had a puppy...a horse....a goldfish.  I wish...I wish...

Eventually those childhood dreams morphed into new adult realities. 

I can't be an astonaut I'm afraid of heights...I did fall in love, but we can't afford 12 children...I don't have a story to one needs cowboys in the puppy but the goldfish died, and you can't keep a horse in the basement.  I can't....I won't...

We accept these realities, because what else can we do?  But we make a mental note to teach our children to reach down with chubby fingers, and deposit their dreams on tiny magical seeds that drift off into unknown worlds. 

We want to tell them  'dream big my little one, dream with abandon, and hold tight to those dreams...because time will quickly march on and try to wrest them from your grasp.'

Or maybe, just maybe, someone will eat them.



  1. That is too funny!! He was probably proud of himself for getting rid of that darn thing!

  2. So true I love dandelions and making a wish, great pictures and love the last one, too funny!

  3. Oh Jaco cracks me up so much! What a funny pooch.

  4. Another amazing post. Thank you.


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