Monday, May 24, 2010

The 11th Commandment and a Question

Thou shalt not bite thy Mother's nipple.  Seriously kid? Ouch.

The mental picture I just got of some poor old 12th century monk keeling over upon reading the word 'nipple' in the Bible was almost worth the bite....almost.  But, ANYWAY, I guess that was my way of announcing that Jack officially has two teeth now, two precious pearly reminders that my tiny baby is growing up before my very eyes.  His gummy baby smile is slowly turning into the grin of a little boy, we have some time left, but it's happening.  Right in front of me, and I am trying desperately to cling to every day, to cherish each smile, each giggle, to breathe in the smell of him when we snuggle in the morning, and to remember the way his pajamas fit around his chubby ankles.  This time is so fleeting, I feel so blessed to be a daily witness to this childs growth, to his beautiful little life.  He has profoundly changed me.

I have a lot of posts percolating in my brain, but I (once again) managed to misplace my card reader, so I can't upload any new photos.  The one above is about a month and a half old....

Also - A quick question, unrelated to this post, but related to one of the aforementioned posts percolating...

When you think of summer, what color comes to mind? Feel free to expound upon your answer.

Also Also - I cannot thank you all enough for your encouragement on my last post.  I have been really struggling lately, and you have helped me more than you will ever know.  I have no words good enough to express the gratitude I have for your encouragement.  Thank You.


  1. Dread, dread, DREADING this coming my way.

    When I think of summer I think of yellow. Bright, fun, and sunshiny!

  2. Red, yellow, pinks, oranges..which is exactly the color theme to my summer wedding! wahoo =)

  3. Oh my, I know how you feel! My boy didn't bite too much until he had about 4 teeth. Ouch!

    I think of reds, blues and yellows.

  4. Yellows and greens. Bright, bold and in your face yellows and greens. Then, hey, what's that? Why, it's an unexpected splash of purple trying to sneak in!

    (because purple is my favorite color and it just has to be there!)

  5. Uh oh! Bites hurt! Yowsa! My little Josie is getting her bottom teeth and is quite the little "monster" teether right now! (I don't think our kids are very far apart in age) Ready for them to come in! Big time :-)
    When I think of Summer - I think of red, white, and blue - we always have a quite LARGE 4th of July extravaganza on the North Shore with sparklers (for the young bucks) and fireworks (for the adults!)

  6. Oh Jack Jack...tisk tisk! lol

    Turquoise...for sure!

  7. He is such a blessing, isn't he. He is so cute.

    When I think about summer the colors that come to my mind are red,yellow and green.

  8. He is such a precious boy!


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