Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I Miss Smilin' Jack

Jack's first tooth finally showed itself on Saturday, but soon after that we noticed a DRAMATIC change in his behavior.  I mean...crying all the time.  All. the. time.  We chalked it up to the three teeth we can still see under his gums that have yet to break through. 

His nose had gotten progressively runnier (how's that for a bad sentence?) and he has pretty much cried all week.  This morning he started breathing heavily, and coughing this strange cough that sounded almost like a dog barking.  My paranoia won out and I called the pediatrician.  After a consult with the nurse, she said it sounded like Croup, but that he probably didn't need to come in. 

I said I was really uncomfortable not having him seen my a pediatrician, and I'd rather pay the twenty dollar copay just to know that he was okay. 

We scheduled an appointment, and yes he has Croup.  Also...double ear infections. 

I had no idea.  I'm so glad that I insisted on a visit.   He is now on antibiotics for the ear infections, as well as being near a cool mist humidifier for the Croup. 

So what I'm trying to say here is...Mom's -- trust your instincts.  You know your babies better than anyone else on this earth, if you think something is wrong, it probably is. 

Okay, I have to go...the crying has resumed.


  1. Bless his heart! Q had Croup a few months ago... :(

  2. Poor little man. I hope he feels better soon.

  3. Aww poor little guy! Good job trusting your instincts and taking him anyway mamma!


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