Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

Today we made a family trip out to the hallowed grounds of Gettysburg Battlefield.  More on that to come...but I wanted to quickly check in and remind you to reflect a little on what this day means to all your fellow Americans.  BBQ's and pool parties are great, but when you see our beautiful flag flying remember with pride the soldiers who have fought in our many wars, and whether you agree with the reasons behind the current war or not, please say a little prayer for the safety of our troops right now (including my cousin Gil, we love you, be careful!).

Also, if you care to read an interesting post by my father, head on over to read about my Grandfather's stay on the beautiful island of Hawaii, at a little place we call Pearl Harbor.

God Bless our Troops.


  1. Thanks for this. :) I'm still reading and keeping you all in my prayers! :)

  2. Thank you, I appreciate your prayers so much, I really really do.

  3. Praying faithfully! I am very patriotic and get really choked up thinking about the sacrafice our soldiers make for us!
    I will continue to pray for your family and all of the other men and women fighting for us...
    Hope you had a good Memorial Day!
    God Bless :-)


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