Monday, June 7, 2010

Hijinks Ensue

You know how most sitcoms take an everyday situation and throw every wrench into it they can think of, to the point that at the end you aren't even sure what happened?  Some days I feel like that is my life. 

FOR INSTANCE, this whole house thing.  Here is the latest update.  Try to keep up, its complicated, if you have questions...don't ask me...I probably don't know either!

Their lawyer sent our lawyer a letter with a settlement amount.  Our lawyer sent their lawyer a letter in response with a deadline of two Fridays ago.  That Friday our lawyer received a phone call saying they received the letter, and were forwarding it to their client. The next Thursday our lawyer received a fax telling him that he would be receiving a letter, the next day we received a phone call telling us we would be receiving an email... and we never got an email.

So here we sit...3 letters, 2 faxes, no email, countless phone calls, several hundred dollars in attorneys fees later...and no progress.

Okay guys, where are the hidden cameras?!  Am I on TV?  I totally should have done my hair today!

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