Sunday, June 27, 2010

The View

When we moved in to our old house, I thought I would never get a better view.  After all, not all houses actually look out on the water, and since we live in a land locked state with no intention of moving, a creek was pretty much the best waterfront property we could hope for. 

Although I am happy to finally be out from under the weight of that house, the uncertainty of our next step, and the burden of stress we carried for so long, as we packed up the old house, I couldn't help but look out on the creek and feel a little sad.  I knew that my dreams of showing Jack the ducklings in his back yard would not come true, I knew I would never see my husband and son fishing together from our creek bank, and I knew that this summer would not be marked by the dogs swimming in the muddy water. 

I couldn't help but miss the view. 

Until Saturday, when I looked out of the front window of our new town home, and saw the best view I have ever seen.

It may not be waterfront, but it is ours.



  1. I totally agree Bekah!! Wonderful!!

  2. That might be one of the cutest pictures ever.

  3. I think that's a truly beautiful view. You, dear lady, are a blessed individual!

  4. Cutest.Picture.Ever. Love it!!

  5. I just LOVE this picture! So cute!

  6. Great view! You are so blessed! You're right it is better than water front!


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