Thursday, July 22, 2010


I am excited to tell you guys that Matt and I are being featured today over on Meet The Newlyweds!  Somehow Jenna not only manages to keep up with her precious twin boys, her garden, her chickens. and her delicious cooking, she also writes a fun blog and regularly introduces newly married couples to the rest of us! 

And as I am sure you have noticed, I never miss out on an opportunity to gush about my handsome baby-daddy, so head on over to read all about how we met and started this whole thing!

If you are just visiting for the first time from The Newlyweds Blog, welcome!! Feel free to dig around, and if you want to leave me a comment so I can 'get to know you' through your blog as well that would be great!


  1. Thanks for the interview Bekah, it was lots of fun! I enjoyed searching through some of your older blog posts.

  2. stopping by from the Newlyweds to say hello! your guys are super cute!

  3. Just visiting from the Newlyweds (I love the chance to meet new people). You have such a cute little blog :)


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