Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Great American Road Trip 2010

Once again, I left you hanging.  I'm sorry! I haven't been able to get to a computer lately, but now that we are on VACATION, I stole my husbands Mac for a few minutes. 

On Wednesday evening, we packed up our bags, loaded into the car with our baby and my in-laws, and set off on a little trek. And by a little trek I mean a nineteen hour road trip from Pennsylvania to Florida!

What's that you say?  Are we insane??

Why yes, yes we are!

Want to know the icing on the cake? 

Jack has a double ear infection...again.  He was beyond amazing though, really. He had two major crying jags, but for an almost eight month old with ear infections, I think that is pretty darn good!

Hopefully I will be able to secret away with Matt's computer again soon, but until then I will be snapping pictures of my little boy seeing the ocean for the very first time, seeing fireworks, seeing palm trees and tasting mangoes. 

I do love vacations! So tell me about your summer plans...will you be taking a vacation?  A staycation? Camping trip?  Trip to the dentist?


  1. I need a vacation. We might get to take one at the end of the summer but it looks like we will be working overtime at our school during the majority of the summer. I really want to visit the Philippines. We shall see though.

  2. No vacation for us. :( Can't wait to see your pics!

  3. I have to say I love following your blog! I hope your vacation was wonderful, my vacation will be in the fall, because my work it too busy in the summer, but I am hoping for a mini vacation over a weekend!

  4. Sounds like fun, except for the ear infection part, I hope he feels better quickly and you guys have a blast!

    We took a mini vacation to the waterpark today, and it was lots of fun!

  5. how fun! i love spotaneity. as for me, i just reached arizona after a two week road trip from NYC...and i'm not even to my destination yet :)


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