Saturday, August 7, 2010


A little over a week ago, I read this article about a recent door-to-door scam going on around the Maryland area.  Because we don't live all that far from Maryland, and people frequently travel to and from York from Baltimore, I thought it could possible be relevant.  I sent my mom a link asking her to please make sure to warn my grandmother that people were going door to door, pretending to sell magazines, then making off with the checks. 

Two nights ago my moms doorbell rang.  Standing at the door was a young man, in his twenties.  He asked if he could talk to them about a fundraiser he was doing, through KLMN Readers Services (go ahead and Google that business).  They gave him a drink, and listened to his story.  They said he was so sweet, and so sincere.  And when he showed them the photocopies of the magazine subscriptions he could sell to them, they couldn't resist buying a wildlife magazine for their grandbabies (my son and nephews).

They wrote him a check, and off he went.  They watched him stand around on the sidewalk for a few minutes on his cellphone, then saw a white van with Maryland tags come and pick him up. 

After second guessing themselves all evening, they put a stop-payment on the check, because you know what?

This dude was a scammer. They even knew about the scam, he was THAT good you guys. 

So take this little bit of knowledge, and add it to the giant knowledge of the Internet, and warn the people you are close to.  Tell your mom, tell your grandparents, tell your sweet neighbor.  It is a sad fact that there are people in this world who will gladly take advantage of a kind and giving heart.

Be aware.


  1. We live in south central PA right on the MD boarder and had a guy come to our house a few weeks ago trying to sell us magazines and we thought he was totally shady. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. we have had that happen to us. I didn't like it. It was mean!


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