Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Great Snail Invasion of 2010

(I like calling things 'The Great  blah blah blah of blah blah', as evidenced by The Great Carbon Monoxide Scare of 2008, and The Great American Road trip of 2010)

When we returned home from the Aquarium, I noticed that our front path looked as if it had some sort of seeds scattered across it, which is weird 'cause...well, because it's weird. 


Upon closer inspection I noticed that the 'seeds' were um...well...they were moving!

It was teeny tiny snails! Just making their (very slow) way across our sidewalk.  They continued on their strange little journey throughout the next day as well.  We had a heck of a time navigating the walkway, hoping on the snail-free spots so as not to crush the little dudes. I'm pretty sure that if my neighbors didn't already think I was crazy, the baby-juggling, cellphone-dropping, curse-muttering, dog-walking, snail-hopping probably did me in.
The snail invasion leaves me with so many questions, and no answers. 

That's not normal snail behavior right?  I mean, should I prepare for this mass migration once a year?  Will they be coming back in the spring?  How does one make escargot?

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  1. OMGosh...I WANT Jack !!! He is about the cutest thing I have seen in a long time...adorable..looking forward to reading all your future posts!


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