Thursday, August 19, 2010

Jack Versus the Lemon

I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that making your child suck on a lemon is an integral part of their development.  That if you don't allow them to pucker from the juice of this tart fruit they may have issues further down the road (also, I'm pretty sure I made that up).

Enter my sweet baby boy.  We went out for tapas with friends yesterday, and I couldn't deny the siren call of the lemon in my water. 

I know, I know.  I'm cruel.


  1. If you are cruel, then I'm evil. Not only did I laugh at those pics, but I laughed at my own son when we first gave him lemon and watched him pucker up. LOL The funny thing is, he kept going back for more!! LOL

  2. So hilarious Bekah! Poor Jackie, guess it's his turn now... with this crazy family, you just never know what's coming next!! xoxo, Oukie

  3. hehe .. those faces are priceless. But I'm pretty sure it is a written rule :)


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