Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My $5 Find

In anticipation of the coming fall season, I find myself dreaming of the crisp autumn day when Jack will kick through the fallen leaves in these little darlings.  I can picture him so clearly, kicking his feet the way he often does when he is excited, crushing the leaves in his chubby little hands, maybe even wearing these tiny moccasins at our Thanksgiving dinner, stuffing turkey and stuffing into his face like there is no tomorrow.

Oh yes, Fall is coming little shoes...just you wait!


  1. um omg i LOVE them! i'm a sucker for mocs!

    (kaboogie on etsy are some of my favs!)

  2. So...you feel fall comin' when it is 100 outside today? Bless ya for your optimism!

  3. Very cute! I'm dreaming of Fall days myself. Love that time of year!

  4. Oh wow, you just made me really excited about thanksgiving. Too bad mine will be in Korea :(


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