Monday, August 23, 2010

Please Don't Touch My Baby

Now, I know Jack happens to be kinda cute, he also happens to have his Dad's personality, and is extremely outgoing. 

He giggles and he smiles and he screeches at just about everyone he sees.  The kid is irresistible, I know this, and I have made my peace with everything taking a extra 30 minutes because he wants to stop and babble-talk to everyone, and everyone typically wants to talk to him as well.

But here is the thing I have NOT made my peace with, and probably never will.  Touching. 

Yesterday Jack and I went grocery shopping, he happily sat in my cart as he always does, and waved and made faces to the other shoppers.  I turned to the side and picked up a box of the cookies Matt likes, and when I turned around there was an elderly gentleman standing there RUBBING JACK'S HEAD. 

'Umm...Hi" I squeaked.  He said nothing, just kept rubbing Jack's head.  Not 'hello', not ' how old is he?' Not a word.  After a few seconds he said 'bye-bye' to Jack and walked away. 

This happens on a regular basis.  Usually people touch his foot, or his hand, which while somewhat disconcerting, I am okay with, but it is not uncommon to see a complete stranger stroke his cheek.  I even had one lady kiss the top of his head! 

I have no problem with people I know (even if I only know them vaguely) touching Jack.  In fact, if I ever met any of you in real life, I would probably be fine handing Jack over to you.  But complete strangers?  It is inappropriate. 

But I can't, for the life of me, figure out a way to ask people not to touch him without actually saying "Don't touch my baby!"  I don't want to be mean to people, because I believe that for the most part, people in general are good.  I believe that nothing brings happiness to people more than the smile of a baby, but I also don't want strangers rubbing their hands all over my son. 

Is there a nice way to say this?  Does this happen to you too?  What do you do?


  1. I have no advice...but I will say, if I saw Jack in the grocery store, it would be VERY HARD to resist wanting to actually HOLD him...he is just that adorable.....(and I have seen very few babies that have that effect on me....)

    I don't know what to sell you....but I can totally see how he us just irresistible....but I get where you are coming from too!

    I don't think I'd like it if my Adorable-as-all-get-out-baby was being touched all the time by strangers. {shrugs shoulders here!}

  2. should have said " I don't know what to TELL you"

  3. "ah yes he is cute, but what ever he has is TOTALLY CONTAGIOUS!, you might want to back away now, and wash your hands."

    Teh he.


  4. I have to say I don't blame you. I hate people touching me! I'm sure I would not like them touching my baby.

    I like Muddy Boot Dreams suggestion. Or have him a shirt printed that says "Back Away and No One Gets Hurt!"

  5. Ugh I HATE this. Seriously hate this. Happens to me all the time. I don't get what people are thinking! I have yet to figure out a solution to this. I'll let you know if I come up with anything!

  6. Eeek! I don't think I would like that either!

  7. Uy... I would hate this. And to rub his head and not say a word to you, well that's a little creepy to be honest. However, I have no advice, other than to just say of course, "Don't touch my baby."

  8. Ok... so here are a few thoughts because this happens to us to:
    Pull him towards you or pick him up briefly so as to kinda say "ummm.... please don't come so close." or you could just start pushing the cart and get away - kind of ignore the fact that they are there - It might seem rude - but people are germie and to have strangers literally "touching" your child is so not ok! You could also just be honest and say "Could you please not touch - flu season is around the corner!"
    Good luck! :-) Take care!

  9. I have NO IDEA what to tell you either. I still haven't figured this one out myself. I remember when Hunter was about 4-5 months old, and it was winter time (flu and cold season!!!) and I was waiting to get on the elvator in my mom's apartment building when this old lady became enchanted and started asking me questions about Hunter. She then reached over to try to TOUCH HIM and internally, I freaked out! LOL I sorta moved my body to the side a little bit (I had him in hsi baby carrier) and swung him away from her and she ended up just kinda rubbing his blanket. But STILL I remember sayign to my mom, "WHY do people touch other people's kids, and without asking?" And like my mom pointed out, it's mostly the elderly and I think it's their grandmother/fatherly instincts kicking in. Someone kinda chucked/pinched Hunter's cheek recently in the grocery store and in my head I was thinking, "Note to self, wash Hunter's face immediately!" LOL

  10. When my little guy was about 4 months old we were eating out with some family at a Chinese restaurant. Out waitress barely spoke a word of English but we could tell she though our little one was adorable. At one point she saw me struggling to get him into a good position on my lap and try to eat at the same time and took that as her queue to take him out of my arms and carry him around the restaurant and show him off to the other waitresses...yeah, I was just a little freaked out to say the least. I know that some people are just so natural with ALL children that touching them or holding them, even when they are complete strangers is just okay to them. I myself would never dream of touching someone else's baby! I smile at them and might even talk to them...but not touch or try to pick them up!


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