Wednesday, August 4, 2010


My computer has recently been hit with a virus of apocalyptic proportions, and I am only hoping that I can save all the pictures of Jack that I have stored there and not yet backed up on our external hard-drive.  If not, we are looking at 5 months of baby photos down the crapper.

But aside from that, do you ever feel like your life has suddenly been hit with a virus?  One minute you are coasting along all fine and dandy, dancing it up at your sisters wedding, and the next thing you know things start to unravel?

That's where I am right now.  This week has been tough. 

Matt's brother John was scheduled to have a root canal, and the next thing we know we are getting a phone call that he was taken to the ER where emergency surgery was performed on his throat and his airway was in danger of collapse.  There are a whole lot more technical terms to describe that, I'm sure, but all I know is that he spent a few days in the ICU because of a dental procedure went awry.  He is home recovering now, and thankfully he seems to be doing great.

Tuesday was the funeral of my dear Uncle Dennis, whose death was not unexpected but still a sad event.  

Thursday brought news that sent our community reeling, when we learned that a high school alumni of my sister and I was shot in the back and killed by a 15 year old in York.  For his cell phone.

Then on Friday, Jack woke with a cough.  When he started wheezing I took him to the doctor, who once again diagnosed him with Croup, and prescribed an oral steroid to keep swelling down in his throat, thereby keeping his airway open.
Next on the life virus schedule was my brother.  Saturday, He and my cousin James went to visit a friend and on their way home they hit a curve too fast.  When he tried to get back onto the road he must have over-corrected then spun across the road into a tree. 

After climbing out of the wreck, both boys had only cuts and some wicked bruises, and possibly one broken finger  (The blond guy by the car is my brother Everett).

Viruses suck.


  1. Yeah, I would definitely rate your week very high on the suck-o-meter! I'm beginning to think you're having a rough YEAR! I'm sorry that you're going through all of this!

  2. What a week....I am still thinking about how a dental procedure could land you in ICU....gosh!

    I had a virus on my computer and EVERYTHING was lost...EVERYTHING....could not be repaired, nothing retrieved...nadda... I hope that is not the case with you Bekka...but I will say this...take the time to back up your pictures..they can not be replaced!! I am still sick over losing the ones on my computer...sad thing is, about a year and a half of my daughters first years at college all were lost was heartbreaking.

    BACK UP YOUR PHOTOS is the lesson here!!

    Hope things get better for you!!

  3. Oh hunny. I'm so sorry. Any of these would be tough to deal with on a normal week . . . but all together? Prayers for you!

  4. Oh man. You are in my thoughts. All my love to you.

  5. I'm so sorry you are having a bad time. I hope that things look up soon. And I hope little Jack feels better very soon!

  6. Oh, I'm so sorry. I hope every one of those events turns out ok in the end... and with Jack's croup, I remember one of my co-worker's son had it... and she sits in the bathroom with him, while the shower is turned on hot... she says this comforts them..

  7. Oh, honey, when it rains, it pours, huh? Sorry there's been so much going on around you. Hope there's a brighter side soon!

    (LOVE the photo in your blog header! He's like a little prophet looking out into the horizon, contemplating the world ahead of him!)

  8. What a horrible week. Sending you and yours warm positive thoughts!


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