Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Yesterday at our Mommy and Me group, Jack got to unleash a side of him that, 'til now, has lain mostly dormant.  His artistic side.   Generally we sit craft time out because, well, he is 10 months old (11 months in one week...agh!) and I doubted his ability to handle a glue stick properly.  He tends to eat things like that. 

But no more! With a little help, he created this fridge-worthy beauty.
The colors! The crayon strokes! The placement! It's pure beauty I tell ya! And I would know...for one whole semester I majored in Art History you know.  That pretty much makes me an expert in things like this. 

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


When Matt and I first started dating, I fell in love with the way he would look at me.  The way his eyes would crinkle at he corners, and he would kind of squint at me.  The way I could tell he was trying to figure me out.  
I still love the way he looks at me, but these days there is a new look on the scene.  This one reserved only for one special little boy. 

I could watch the two of them together for hours, in fact...sometimes I DO watch them for hours.  They get each other in a way that I don't.  It's this...boy thing I guess.  They bang cars together and they make dinosaur noises and they wrestle, and although I am becoming more fluent in 'boy' with each passing day, I'll never converse on the same level.
And I am okay with that, because Jack doesn't need me that way.  Matt meets that need and then some.  He is Daddy. 

Oh yes, he is Daddy indeed. 

Monday, September 27, 2010

Real Men Wear Kilts

Saturday was a big day, first of all my little brother FINALLY turned 21.  Happy Birthday Everett!

Second, it was the Celtic Classic in Bethlehem, PA. Do you see the shirt he is wearing? My mom had it made for his birthday, but not only that, she also collaborated with all of the girls to surprise our guys with a little something special.
(Tim, Emerson, Brandon, Tony, Everett, Jack, Matt, Brett)
Kilts!  Matt thought that I was ordering myself a new lens but instead I put the money towards a surprise for him.  We are a single income family, and although we are well provided for, it's not often that I get to give him an unexpected big gift.  It was really great to see how surprised he was!

Plus I got to catcall at him all day and ask him to show me a little leg.  He wasn't a HUGE fan of that...but I thought I was usual.

 Not only did Matt wear a kilt... did Jack! Get a load of those squishy knees! Oh heavens!  We had a great time taking in the sights, it was incredibly crowded, and I will never cease to be amazed at how rude people are in a crowd.  People thought nothing of cutting off the stroller as we were walking, but even that couldn't temper the day.
Jack enjoyed his first parade as well, he liked the bagpipes, but his favorite?
The trombone.  We also got to see one of our favorite Celtic bands, Barleyjuice.
We couldn't figure out why my mom was SO insistent that we sit in the front, until midway through the show when Kyf Brewer(the dude in the vest up there) had Everett stand up and wished him a happy 21st! Pretty cool!

We had a great time celebrating Ev's birthday, but I was left with one, nagging question...
Why, in the 6 years that I twirled baton, didn't I ever get to wear these fabulous boots?

Friday, September 24, 2010


On Thursday Jack took four tottering, deliberate steps from my arms to my sisters arms.  That night I nursed him and sang his bedtime song and just cried.  He is still a baby, but seeing his little body move hesitantly away from the security of my arms was just so...big.

I question constantly if I am doing it right, savoring his smiles enough, the smell of his hair, the drooly open mouthed kisses, the feel of his chubby hands on my neck, the way he looks up at me while he nurses, the giggles reserved solely for Daddy -- it's all so daily that I sometimes take it for granted.  Then bam...he walks.  I want to beg the hourglass to slow down, to give us a few more days in a week, more months in a year, just another handful of sand, please? 

I chant  "Go, Jack, go!" as he learns to get his feet under control, but part of me wants to cry, to take him in my arms and keep him my dependent little baby.  I proudly show off his new standing skills, all the while wondering who took my squawking pink infant and replaced him with this little person who can demand a cracker? (cacka!) This first year has been slipping away.
Grain by grain, I'm losing time.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

DIY Kitchen Art

As most of you know, we moved into a new place this summer.  One of the big perks of this house is the kitchen, it's much much larger than our old one, laid out much better, and the fact that it has plenty of room for our table works great with our lifestyle.

With a larger kitchen however, I ran into a little problem.  How to decorate it.  As I have said before, we can't paint, so we have to pick and choose what to hang to help make our house our home.  We are young, and we like music, so we broke out my old record collection to help personalize our space a little more.
Can I just tell you how much my husband loves the Loverboy album? The dude in the red leather pants, second from the left? I don't even like Loverboy, it's just up there to make me giggle.  I figure if I HAVE to do the dishes I'm going to laugh while I do it, you know?


The small patch of empty wall between our cabinets and the sliding door to our deck gave me a bit of a problem.  We hung a few different things there, but nothing seemed to fit.  Somethings seemed out of place in a kitchen, others just didn't fit the space, what was a girl to do?

Well, this girl broke out her old baby spoons, a picture frame, and some glue to make herself some wall art!

Take out the glass, and play around with your spoons for a while until you get an arrangement you like.  I think the tacky glue worked fine in this situation, but if you have a glue gun that will work much better.

I think this would look really good with the background painted white, but since our walls are white...I was getting a little over-whited. (Definitely not a word, huh?)
There you have it! I swear its not off center...for some reason the light switch is in a very strange place, and Oh! You see that little green frond at the bottom?  That's Jack's tree, Bruce! He isn't dead! In fact, he is growing. 

It's a simple little addition to our kitchen, but I really like the way it turned out. 

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Officially Over

For me, summer is pretty much over when Matt goes back to teaching, but I can't let the official first day of Fall start without a little tribute to our first family summer.  It was good.  It was so good.
We got to take trips, swim, camp, fish, hike, you name it - we probably did it. 

Jack was loved on by family near and far. 
We laughed, we cried, we moved.  Jack started to crawl, clap, sing. yell, point and talk.

It was beautiful, it was new, it was so many many things, and it was so much better than I ever thought possible.
What is your favorite memory from this summer, the one that you will cling to when icy winds start blowing?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Jack Laughing

So, I don't typically post videos, but I feel that I would be denying you something if you never got to hear the sound of Jack laughing.

It's....painful?  Also, please forgive the lack of make-up/messy hair, I consider it a success that I was not in my pajamas. 

Also, sidenote here - any suggestions on how to decorate that blank wall behind us? PLEASE?

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Angry Yogurt Head

I have this whole series of photos of Jack trying to get his Daddy's attention saved in a folder called 'Angry Yogurt Head'.

I just thought you should know that.

Have a great weekend!

Friday, September 17, 2010

This Just In!

I keep telling him he is too young to decide on a career path.
He tells me to shut it, and pass him the flask of bourbon he keeps in his desk drawer.
Hmph. Reporters!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Veni, Vidi, Nom-nom

Guess what rolled into town last weekend?  The fair, that mecca of grease and barnyard animals, and you know what?  I love it, in all it's over-priced, over-the-top noisy-ness.
I went through a brief "I hate the fair, it's commercialized and a representation of everything wrong in the country" phase, but then I realized I was being, you know...twenty.
Last year at the fair I was almost 8 months pregnant and I ate everything in really, everything.  I'm pretty sure that my second gyro is the reason for that delightful little crease between Jack's hand and his wrist. 

This year I wisely limited myself to one low-calorie baked potato.
What can I say, I'm selective about my food, you know?  In other food news, Jack ate a Bloomin' Onion.  With spicy crab sauce.
Actually he ate the lunch I packed for him, but he WOULD have eaten a Bloomin' Onion if he had a chance.  The kid is a machine, a ravenous eating machine.  He gets it from his father. Who, by the way, ate his weight in peanut butter mikshakes.

Because we work on common sense, we went straight from the greasy food vendors to the livestock exhibit.
 Jack loves animals, he wiggles and dances and gets so excited that sometimes I fear for the safety of the animal involved.  Much to my surprise, he smiled at the animals, and slowly reached out one chubby finger to touch them gently on the nose.
He met a little calf as well, he loved her(him?).  I told Matt we should get Jack some livestock for Christmas.  He told me to shut it.
After the livestock he was so tired that he conked out in his stroller, so we skipped the petting zoo, although I may take him back this week to pet some animals...if my allergies can hack it.  I hear there are kittens, which are cute and all, but AH-CHOO!

He woke up right as we were about to leave, so we decided to pony up a few bucks and let him play his first carnival game. 
 The little dude won himself a tiny stuffed duck, and what did he do with said duck?
Why, he held it in his mouth for a few minutes...
 ...then chucked it out of his stroller. The usual.

It was a great day, I so enjoy taking him to places that I enjoyed as a child and getting to momentarily recapture the excitement of childhood.  I drive past cows several times a day without thinking twice about it, yet at the fair with Jack I stood there an 'moo'd' for several minutes, not caring who was watching.

Are you going to hit up the fair when it comes to your town?

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Mother of the Year I Am Not.

So, I debated whether or not to relate this story here, to all of you, mostly because I am actually somewhat horrified by it.  But, sometimes I feel like I read other mom's blogs, and they are so...perfect.  Not that it's a bad thing, but I wonder if they have the same dumb mom moments that I do. 

When we went to the park last week, I was pushing Jack in his stroller, and in front of me my sister and Brandon were swinging Emerson up into the air. 

It was so adorable, and he was laughing so hard, and the day was so beautiful I just had to stop and take pictures.  I pulled Jack next to me, and started clicking. 

I just continued to shoot until this picture... see my sister's face?  How she looks a little surprised?  Well, that would be because Jack's stroller was rolling down the hill into a water drainage area.  

No kidding. 
No, it's not full of water, or rocks, or crocodiles, but still.  I find myself going between laughing hysterically at this latest 'oops' to allowing myself to think of the what-ifs.  'What if it had been a road? What if his stroller had flipped? What if someone took him while I wasn't looking?'  I am feeling a little nauseous just writing that. 

Clearly, I will never be one of those perfect Moms.

Lesson learned?  Lock the stroller wheels at all times.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

We are back!

UPDATE: We are back, it was fab.  We stopped and picked up my sister and her crew, and had a picnic at the was one of those perfect days, you know, the kind that make your heart smile?  And now we are home, one of us is typing, the other is napping. 

He ate Yogurt Melts like they were going out of style!

 Can you even handle that hair?  I can't! Makes me giggle all the time!
 Check out that sky! It was beautiful!

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