Tuesday, September 28, 2010


When Matt and I first started dating, I fell in love with the way he would look at me.  The way his eyes would crinkle at he corners, and he would kind of squint at me.  The way I could tell he was trying to figure me out.  
I still love the way he looks at me, but these days there is a new look on the scene.  This one reserved only for one special little boy. 

I could watch the two of them together for hours, in fact...sometimes I DO watch them for hours.  They get each other in a way that I don't.  It's this...boy thing I guess.  They bang cars together and they make dinosaur noises and they wrestle, and although I am becoming more fluent in 'boy' with each passing day, I'll never converse on the same level.
And I am okay with that, because Jack doesn't need me that way.  Matt meets that need and then some.  He is Daddy. 

Oh yes, he is Daddy indeed. 


  1. Jack is so blessed by having such a loving and hands-on Daddy! There are no greater gifts that a father can give!! You married a wonderful man! xoxo, Oukie

  2. Yea, he's alright, I guess. Jack seems to like him! JK! You are very blessed! :)

  3. Awww! This makes me want to have a little boy!

  4. Your baby is beautiful and your husband so sweet! My first was a boy as well and he and his daddy are BEST friends. What a privilege to experience such a wonderful relationship!

    Thank you for your comment on my (in)courage post! You are doing a great job!

  5. I do think it's a guy thing... seeing a son and his dad is priceless and it only gets better with age.

  6. Great post! Now that I see that special Daddy-son bond with my own hubby and son, it just MELTS me to see ANY Daddy's and boys lovin on each other. So SWEET.

  7. This post melts my heart! So beautiful!


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