Thursday, September 23, 2010

DIY Kitchen Art

As most of you know, we moved into a new place this summer.  One of the big perks of this house is the kitchen, it's much much larger than our old one, laid out much better, and the fact that it has plenty of room for our table works great with our lifestyle.

With a larger kitchen however, I ran into a little problem.  How to decorate it.  As I have said before, we can't paint, so we have to pick and choose what to hang to help make our house our home.  We are young, and we like music, so we broke out my old record collection to help personalize our space a little more.
Can I just tell you how much my husband loves the Loverboy album? The dude in the red leather pants, second from the left? I don't even like Loverboy, it's just up there to make me giggle.  I figure if I HAVE to do the dishes I'm going to laugh while I do it, you know?


The small patch of empty wall between our cabinets and the sliding door to our deck gave me a bit of a problem.  We hung a few different things there, but nothing seemed to fit.  Somethings seemed out of place in a kitchen, others just didn't fit the space, what was a girl to do?

Well, this girl broke out her old baby spoons, a picture frame, and some glue to make herself some wall art!

Take out the glass, and play around with your spoons for a while until you get an arrangement you like.  I think the tacky glue worked fine in this situation, but if you have a glue gun that will work much better.

I think this would look really good with the background painted white, but since our walls are white...I was getting a little over-whited. (Definitely not a word, huh?)
There you have it! I swear its not off center...for some reason the light switch is in a very strange place, and Oh! You see that little green frond at the bottom?  That's Jack's tree, Bruce! He isn't dead! In fact, he is growing. 

It's a simple little addition to our kitchen, but I really like the way it turned out. 


  1. Very cute! Love the albums idea, too!

  2. Defintely the right color for the background for the spoons..looks nice! As for the blank wall on your previous post...I would look for a small amoire (sp?) at thrift store or yard sale...I think it needs some depth to that space more than anything...

  3. Cute!! I have a couple of Minnie and Mickey spoons that were mine too!! I like the albums too, that was a great idea for some wonderful color!! Great job that spoon decor!

  4. Perfect Bekah! Love the colorful albums and the baby spoon idea is great!! Why hide them in a drawer when you can have such a cute display?! xoxo, Oukie

  5. what a great and creative idea! i like the records but i love the silverware thing!! perfect!


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