Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Jack Laughing

So, I don't typically post videos, but I feel that I would be denying you something if you never got to hear the sound of Jack laughing.

It's....painful?  Also, please forgive the lack of make-up/messy hair, I consider it a success that I was not in my pajamas. 

Also, sidenote here - any suggestions on how to decorate that blank wall behind us? PLEASE?


  1. Hi Precious Jackie!!! Love your laugh and your big (Mama's) smile!! Many xoxo to you both, Oukie

  2. My favorite sound in the world is my Jackson laughing. Just love it.

  3. Oh darling! And you look beautiful!

  4. Ha ha!! That's too cute!!

    As for the wall, have you seen Canvas photos? I got one from Walgreens (do you guys have those?) and I LOVE. IT. The one I got from Walgreens turned out REALLY WELL. I recommend doing some of those and putting it on that wall. They're under photo gifts.


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