Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Yesterday at our Mommy and Me group, Jack got to unleash a side of him that, 'til now, has lain mostly dormant.  His artistic side.   Generally we sit craft time out because, well, he is 10 months old (11 months in one week...agh!) and I doubted his ability to handle a glue stick properly.  He tends to eat things like that. 

But no more! With a little help, he created this fridge-worthy beauty.
The colors! The crayon strokes! The placement! It's pure beauty I tell ya! And I would know...for one whole semester I majored in Art History you know.  That pretty much makes me an expert in things like this. 


  1. yes they were quite the little artists! Although Emerson ripped off 4 leaves, so I had to take it off the fridge! It is now decorating the trash! Don't worry, I kept his first craft!!

  2. Aww his first arts & crafts project :)
    We tried to show B what to do with the crayons at Bob Evans the other day.. but he wanted no part of it.

  3. You should be SO PROUD. :) Great job Jack!

  4. AWWWHHH!!! Jack is a genius of course! I can't wait to see what Bradyn creates. I haven't been willing to see what she can do with a glue stick.... so afraid.... so afraid.

  5. Great Job Jackie!! Another artist in the family would be wonderful!! xoxo to all, Oukie


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