Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I recently washed a load of Jack's diapers, pulled them out, and discovered that my domestic incompetence had struck again.

Hey! What do you know, you can't throw a red beach towel in there with white diapers! I'm fairly certain I remember reading that in Junior High Home Economics, but I lack the skills to put my book knowledge to work for me.

It's like I need a 'No Common Sense Anonymous' support group...Hi my name is Bekah, and I don't think before I act.

'Til then, do you think it's okay to diaper my boy in cotton candy pink cloth?  


  1. What if i just throw them in with a dark blue towel? Will that help? maybe? no? i just dont trust myself with bleach

  2. Awesome. I've never been successful un-pinking laundry. I haven't tried Oxy-Clean, though. I wonder if that works...

  3. Oh beeka! I love you Amelia Bedilia!

  4. LOL! As I keep saying to my kids, colours don't have gender! I always make a point of giving my son and his friends the pink plates to eat off.

    Jack is just the cutest! Sigh.

  5. Maybe this is a sign of PINK to come...if you know what I mean? ;-)

    And I think it's ok to diaper your baby boy in pink! Jack will never know the difference LOL

  6. Oh no! Well, the thing at all the rodeos now is 'Tough enough to wear pick' For breast cancer awareness. ;)

  7. Get some SHOUT Color Catcher Sheets and toss them in the washer when you have a mixed load-they really work. As far as the pink diapers, don't know if you can unpink them. Can you use bleach on them?

  8. Haha!!! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who does things like this...


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