Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Veni, Vidi, Nom-nom

Guess what rolled into town last weekend?  The fair, that mecca of grease and barnyard animals, and you know what?  I love it, in all it's over-priced, over-the-top noisy-ness.
I went through a brief "I hate the fair, it's commercialized and a representation of everything wrong in the country" phase, but then I realized I was being, you know...twenty.
Last year at the fair I was almost 8 months pregnant and I ate everything in sight...no really, everything.  I'm pretty sure that my second gyro is the reason for that delightful little crease between Jack's hand and his wrist. 

This year I wisely limited myself to one low-calorie baked potato.
What can I say, I'm selective about my food, you know?  In other food news, Jack ate a Bloomin' Onion.  With spicy crab sauce.
Actually he ate the lunch I packed for him, but he WOULD have eaten a Bloomin' Onion if he had a chance.  The kid is a machine, a ravenous eating machine.  He gets it from his father. Who, by the way, ate his weight in peanut butter mikshakes.

Because we work on common sense, we went straight from the greasy food vendors to the livestock exhibit.
 Jack loves animals, he wiggles and dances and gets so excited that sometimes I fear for the safety of the animal involved.  Much to my surprise, he smiled at the animals, and slowly reached out one chubby finger to touch them gently on the nose.
He met a little calf as well, he loved her(him?).  I told Matt we should get Jack some livestock for Christmas.  He told me to shut it.
After the livestock he was so tired that he conked out in his stroller, so we skipped the petting zoo, although I may take him back this week to pet some animals...if my allergies can hack it.  I hear there are kittens, which are cute and all, but AH-CHOO!

He woke up right as we were about to leave, so we decided to pony up a few bucks and let him play his first carnival game. 
 The little dude won himself a tiny stuffed duck, and what did he do with said duck?
Why, he held it in his mouth for a few minutes...
 ...then chucked it out of his stroller. The usual.

It was a great day, I so enjoy taking him to places that I enjoyed as a child and getting to momentarily recapture the excitement of childhood.  I drive past cows several times a day without thinking twice about it, yet at the fair with Jack I stood there an 'moo'd' for several minutes, not caring who was watching.

Are you going to hit up the fair when it comes to your town?


  1. That is why we all need a little one in our lives...keeps us from getting too cynical about the fun things in life! Thinking that is the first time I saw Jack not smiling..must have been a tired little boy!

  2. Awwwww

    That was fun, I loved the looks on Jack's face. He is totally adorable.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  3. Adorable! Babies and animals? I think we could solve most of the world's problems with photos of babies petting animals! Especially calves!

    Our fair has come and gone, and we skipped it for the third year, which I'm starting to realize is practically a crime. It's also a crime that I've not had a funnel cake in three years!

  4. He is just adorable! I love that picture of him with the duck in his mouth!

    Also, I cannot restrain myself from the food at fairs, pregnant or not. If overeating fried and fatty food in the outdoors is wrong...well, I'm very wrong then. :-)

  5. He's so cute! I love that you are playing the chuck the toy game too.

  6. No livestock fairs in Korea! Boo... but we did get to pet rabbits and a donkey recently. That was fun!

  7. Why yes, I do believe we will....and I so didn't read this before mine. Looks like we were there together! LOL!

  8. Looks like fun! Our fair is coming up but I doubt we go, my hubby hates them!

  9. I haven't been to a fair in forever! I think you should add some barnyard animals to the home! :o) Looked like fun.

  10. Looks like a super fun day! So glad you enjoyed every second!! Brings back many memories, for sure. xoxo, Oukie

  11. Cute pictures!!! I want to make the fair this week sooo bad, but I don't think I can walk it this year. I'm 35 weeks pregnant, but I sat in a chair and peeled/canned apples all day yesterday and can hardly walk this morning. I think my body is trying to tell me something. :P


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