Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Pumpkin Patch

On Monday my sister and I loaded up the boys and took part in a fun fall staple - pumpkin picking on a small local farm.  We have been planning to take them for a while now, and after hunting down the perfect place, we waited until mid October so it would truly be fall when we went. 
 In my head the scene played out with a breeze, a light jacket, and just a hint of cold in the air turning my little ones nose pink, but in reality, it was hot.  Like...really hot.  Sweat trickled down our backs as we hauled the wagons through the pumpkin patch, bugs flying pell-mell into our faces as we tried to keep the bees off of the boys, squinting in the sunlight for the perfect pumpkin. 
It may not have been quite the October ritual we were anticipating, but it was fun, even if we did both smell a little funky by the end of our excursion.  We hunted through the patch for the perfect pumpkins, and snip, snip, snipped through their prickly stems to claim them as our own. 
Despite the heat, nothing could keep my handsome fella from having a good time, he thought the pumpkins we amazing, the wagon was a blast, and all the bugs were a new adventure.  
 And he was right.   He reminds me daily to remember the excitement of childhood, how the simple things become adventures and how it doesn't take money and elaborate plans to delight a child. 
To be content with simple things like pumpkins, wagons, and family time.  To discover the fun of playing with gourds (which are still the go-to 'toy' two days later).  He spends quite a while just taking them out of the bucket, putting them back in the bucket, and occasionally trying to eat one.   
 In, out, chomp.  In, out, chomp.  However, I do think we might need to start teaching Jack the difference between gourds and octopi. 
He seems a little confused.


  1. Oh fun! The best time of year for sure...glad everyone enjoyed themselves! Pics of Jack are precious! xoxo, Oukie

  2. How fun! Don't feel bad, it's still hot here too.

  3. That red Chevy is the cutest prop! Your little guy is a DOLL, the picture of him in the yellow wagon is adorable. :)

  4. Omg SO cute! Looks like a lot of fun was had.
    We are taking B Saturday. I can't wait! (& my husband just doesn't get it. "What do you do there??) Men..

  5. Aww, he's so cute! Looks like you all had a fun time.


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