Sunday, October 24, 2010

Weekend Snapshots

Like all weekends do, this one flew by at breakneck speed.  Here is the abbreviated version of the weekend, mostly in snapshots.  I realized that we only have one more weekend until he turns one, and that one is Halloween weekend, so basically, this was the last weekend of just hanging before the big day!
The boy can eat!  Also, he can stain clothes really, really well!  I know...TALENT.
Are his eyes green?  They look green(ish) to me.
Despite my inability to capture in on video, he is really starting to walk now.  He motors around a lot, usually preferring walking to crawling, which has led to a rash of injuries since he still walks like a drunk (see bottom of post for his latest!).
Have I ever told you about the way Jack's lips stick out when he talks?  No? Oh, they do.  It's hard for me to not interrupt him with kisses, that's how dear they are!
Ahh yes, this one.  So...we have these Adirondack chairs, and for a while they have been at my mom's house because we don't have a front porch to sit them on here, but this weekend I decided that we weren't going to get much use out of our patio furniture on the deck now that the weather has cooled down.  We thought it would be nice to sit our big chairs out there (and Jack's pint-sized one!) and drink our coffee and just enjoy the cool days.  Apparently we (I) underestimated how large the chairs actually are! Eventually, Matt muscled it through with only minimal damage to the chair, but needless to say we will be lowering them off of the deck when the time comes to moved them again!
Here Jack is enjoying goofing off with his Aunt Emily.  He loves all three of my sisters, often he lunges out of my arms to them when he sees them, I can't say that I blame him though, they are pretty cool if I do say so. 
Oh and this! This picture itself is rather unremarkable, but look closer, and you can see what Jack did on Saturday evening...
...he chipped his tooth! And that, kids, is why we don't stand in the bathtub!

Ugh.  I's minor (as in no one but me would notice), but still!

So that was our weekend, chipped tooth and all!

How was yours?


  1. As I am rereading this post I am realizing I need to hand the camera to Matt a little more! I need some pictures WITH my boy, even if they are blurry!

  2. Very cute pictures- that first one is classic!

    I hear you about the walking thing... I'm about ready to duct tape some stuffed animals to the corners of our coffee table. Sharp, pointy edges + excited walking baby = scared mommy!

  3. You have an adorable family. Love the photos with Matt (especially the sun flare coming through the trees between them and what it adds to an already great shot) and your sister and Jack. These types of posts remind me I need to spend more time with a camera handy.


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