Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Weekend Update

To update on the weekend, we did indeed have a blast, although it didn't quite go as planned.  We drove up to Rocky Ridge and on our way to the parking lot you have to drive through part of the park.  We were surprised to see two men in full camo walking down the center of the road, but thought they were just fashion challenged hikers.

When we got to the hiking trail we noticed two bright orange signs screaming "Danger! Hunters in area." which, I'm sorry, is total crap.  It's a park, and they had the gall to open it for bow season?  There are PLAYGROUNDS there.  I'm sure there are rules and whatnot regarding how close they can be, but I was truly mad that they were even allowed in the vicinity of children playing.

Needless to say, we did not stay.  Instead we went to the park where we are planning to have Jacks first birthday party and scoped out a location.  We set ourselves up in a nice sunny field, and let our little guy do a little exploring.
We had a little picnic that Matt had packed for us, and enjoyed the the sunshine and sandwiches together, while mostly giggling at Jack's adorableness in his hat.
Does he not look like a little teddy bear?  I love it.

After we packed up at the park we headed over to a local orchard that was having a little fall festival and picked up some delicious apple cider and three beautiful mums I am going to try really hard not to kill! So far, so good.  I tried valiantly to get a good picture of my little guy amidst their fall decor but he just wasn't having it.

All he wanted to do was sit on the ground and eat mulch.  Yum. 

We headed home so Jack could get a good nap before heading over to my sister's house for their bonfire.  Jack and Emerson played for a while, then both went to bed like big boys with no crying!  Actually...now that I think about it, Jack did cry for a minute but as soon as I put him pack to bed he went to sleep.

We enjoyed the fire, food, and company for a few hours before calling it a night and heading home.
Shortly after this I had to tell my sister that her shoes were smoking! 
It was a great weekend, packed full of fun, even if those poopy old hunters ruined our initial plans.

How was yours?

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  1. Um, yeah. I'm a hunter, but that is absolute crap on the hunting near a park/play ground! Glad you were still able to have fun!


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