Friday, November 5, 2010

Cool Under Fire

As I've mention once or twice or thirty times, Jack's party is tomorrow.  I felt the need to go above and beyond a traditional home party and go with a little Jamboree theme, because you know, he is TOTALLY going to remember and cherish this birthday. 

My parents are divorced, and Matt's family lives over two hours away, so getting everyone together is a rare thing, and I want this to be special.  I decided that I would tackle making the majority of the food myself, clearly forgetting that I am a holy terror in the kitchen. 

Good thing I am cool under pressure.  Nothing gets to me.  I don't get frazzled by much, and I haven't needed to make countless trips to the grocery store when I forgot an ingredient.
Nope, nothing gets to me, and I certainly didn't put the milk in the cupboard...twice.

Yep, cooooool as a cucumber.  That's me.

Now, if you will excuse me, I need to go to the grocery store.


  1. You can do it!! And remember, in the end, it's Jack & time with family that are most important! :) (I understand though - I tend to bite off a little more than I can chew. Usually turns out fine though.) :)

  2. I dreaded my sons first birthday, because I don't have a good relationship with my Hubby's family. Thankfully it turned out okay! You can do it, Mama. Ninety trips to the grocery store and all. ;)

  3. Bekah!! You can do it...even with lots of trips to the store!!!! Can not wait to see pics of this wonderful day!!

    Be sure to stop by and sign up for the $50.00 gift certificate from a trendy new clothing retailer.....who could not use $50.00 of new clothes!!!

  4. And...that's part of why I didn't do a big shindig for Jackson's first.

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  6. hee hee. This looks like a good task for Jack... "Find where mommy put the milk this time!" :) I bet everything went well!

    I love the pictures of Jack through the year. He is such a ham!!


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