Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Giveaway Winners

So, Random.org has chosen two winners of the Better Homes and Gardens Magazine.  I know, I know...the suspense was killing you wasn't it? 

#2 Colorado Lady  ok...you have two....you can close it now!!! Not really!!! I'd love this magazine....and I don't subscribe to it...and I don't have any idea why!! Thanks for the chance.
#9 Ashlee I love that mag!

You should have an email from me in your in-box!

And for those of you that didn't win, here is a picture of Jack enjoying the spoils of trick-or-treating! A lollipop!

Also, The Bump is holding their second annual Mommy Blog awards, so you can hop on over there and nominate any blog you would like in any category you would like.


Shameless I know, but there are some really awesome prizes to be had, and it's a long shot but I gotta try! Really though, you can nominate anyone, I've already nominated several blogs in different categories...there are a lot of amazing women (and men) out there!

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