Sunday, November 28, 2010

It's the Holiday Season

I am rousing myself from my turkey induced slumber to check in, however briefly.  We had a busy but great holiday, and since Matt has off tomorrow for break we are celebrating my birthday a little early with my usual gift.  Every year he asks me what I want, and every year I tell him the same go get our Christmas tree!  The stockings are hung, just waiting patiently for the rest of the decorations to join them.
I just love the feel of picking the perfect tree (even though it usually turns out about 8 inches too tall), strapping it to the roof of the car, hauling it through the front door, and finally decorating it as it's heady scent fills the house.  I am super excited for this year's tree because it is the first time Jack will really notice it.  Last year he was a little...well, little.  I'll admit though, I am still trying to figure out the logistics of keeping a rambunctious toddler away from the most interesting thing in the room.  Any advice?  Please?

Are you starting to decorate for the holidays yet?


  1. I think one of my favorite moments of the year is getting the tree. An entire year of memories, yet this one always stands out.

    As for advice - I'm at a loss. I battle keeping three cats away from it and while they don't climb, they sure do go for those bulbs! We keep them high enough they don't get to them and barricade with presents to keep them from getting too personal with the tree. Not sure this would work for a toddler, but a box barricade *could* assist. I'm curious to know what others do - I guess we'll need to know *eventually*!

  2. Tell him it's hot. Emerson loves it but hasn't touched it yet cause he says it's 'hot' & 'bright'!

  3. Know what you mean about self-induced stupor...I completely fell off the wagon on the eating thing...Great idea about your birthday present...I'm thinking Jack will be good around the tree...just have to keep an eye on him just like everything else...

  4. Good advice Emily! Also, you should probably put all the unbreakable, easily replaced ornaments on the bottom of the tree. Put anything precious up top. Have a wonderful day you! Oukie

  5. We put lights all over, but ornaments out of reach....the glittery ornaments were more of a draw to our, if you teach him not to touch and to lay under the tree (which our kids still do!) it is much more fun to put your head under and admire the tree from underneath!


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