Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Photo Story

Matt and I took Jack to an apple orchard on Saturday, and my heart was once again filled to the brim with happiness to see the two of them doing their Daddy/baby thing.  Every thing Daddy does, Jack wants to do as well, and he could not possibly have a better role model.  Matt has faults, he does, but he is such a good man.  Such a loving Daddy, a caring husband, a man seeking God.  
That's just a few seconds of the joy that I get to witness every day.  The ordinary, beautiful moments that make up this amazing life. I love them, and I am striving to appreciate each moment for it's beauty, it's gift. I know these days are fleeting.


  1. There is nothing sweeter than a daddy and his baby. :)

  2. My heart melts. This is so precious!
    I wish my husband & son had a bond like this.. but I feel like the husband works and plays too much- unfortunately :( You are very lucky :)


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