Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Simple Moments

This picture might be a little hard to figure out at first, but I had to snap it quickly.  Jack plays independently now for small stretches of time, and just this afternoon he came walking by proudly sporting his Daddy's slipper.
For the record...those are the dog's toys, not the baby's toys.
As often happens when shoes are many sizes to large, he soon tripped and fell.  He hopped right back up and what do you think he did?
Went right over and tried to put on Daddy's other slipper.

I love this simple, ordinary, beautiful life, and it's the little moments like this that make me appreciate it all a little more.

What simple moment are you appreciating this week?


  1. I love those moments. I love watching J's brain develop, to watch him make connections even when it leads to more work for me--such as:
    Last night he figured out if he opened a cabinet in the hallway he could climb on the shelf and reach the counter and all the toys we had stacked up there.
    I'm exhausted just thinking about what that means for us now, but sitting there watching him learn that? That was cool.

  2. haha cute! But I agree, you are in some trouble!

  3. Your right those moments are sweet and fleeting. Nothing like daddy's shoes to entertain for hours.


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