Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Living Manger

Saturday night we took Jack to a living nativity set up in barn not too far away.  Between the three wise women, the tin foil helmets of the Roman soldiers, the shepherd girl with braces, and baby Jesus sporting a pink striped sleeper and a yellow pacifier, we were charmed.  It may not have been what one would call historically accurate, but it did make me think.
 As I walked through with my son wrapped in a blanket on top of his coat, snuggled in his bear hat and mittens, I couldn't help but think of Mary.  Can you imagine?  Giving birth in a stable?  Bringing your tiny, vulnerable baby boy into this world in a place full of animals?  When I had Jack, I don't think I let anyone within 3 feet of him if they hadn't basically bathed in hand sanitizer.  And if you had a cold?  Oh heck no, get out.  
Jack thought this was a 'dog' and started woofing at it, and got so excited that he grabbed onto the edge of the pen and wouldn't let go.  As I tugged his little hand away, I wondered if he had picked up any weird little lamb germs, and if I should wipe him down with a baby wipe.  How must Mary have felt, laying her newborn in a manger that animals had been eating out of only minutes before? 
So, despite the fact that Mary sported her glasses in the stable, or that 'Jesus' wore a Winnie the Pooh hat, it did make me think of the story of Christmas with a new outlook.  I guess I have heard the story so many times that I romanticize it a little (or maybe a lot, contractions while riding on a donkey? Oh heck no).


  1. Soooo true! Some may try to idolize Mary (which I don't agree with) but the woman surely deserves some credit. A young teenager more than likely, riding a donkey for weeks and weeks, giving birth amongst the animals. And what did she say when this was asked of her? "Be it unto me, according to your words."


    How often to we say "Be it unto me" when we are faced with life's challenges? Well, I know I don't say it near enough...

    Climbing off my soapbox now. Thanks for posting this!

  2. I would have never guessed her as Mary! Great post. We talked about the same thing today at church. We should all stop and think about how terrifying it must have been for Mary to trust God in that situation.

  3. Your so right, I started thinking about that more lately as well, I can't imagine what she went through, and the cold with a newborn in a stable full of animals.

  4. Precious and so true, Bekah! Love this post. :o)


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