Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Stream of Thought

And by stream of thought, I really mean stream of urine. You'll see. It involves two out of the three in this photo.

Friday night, we couldn't find Jaco's leash anywhere in the house.  He is pretty good at staying close when we take him out, so we weren't overly concerned about it, and Matt took him outside to go potty quickly before we went to bed.

Matt came inside with his 'something bad just happened' eyes, and Jaco sheepishly trailed in behind him.

'He peed on the lights!'  Matt whispered.

'What lights?'

'The neighbors lights around the light pole.'

Oh, no big deal, I thought.  We don't typically let him relieve himself on other people's things, but it happens once in a blue moon, and since it's outdoors and it rains regularly...I figured it would be okay,

'They all blew out!  There was a pop and they were all gone.' Matt told me.  Not just the light pole lights, but EVERY SINGLE OUTSIDE LIGHT they had put up was out.

We went back and forth between going over right then and fessing up, or just hoping that the lights came back on.  The next day Matt and Brandon (our brother-in-law) pulled off a covert reset-the-breaker operation and voila! The lights are back.

Fast forward to last night, and mid diaper change, Jack wrestled himself away from me, toddled over to the wooden manger scene we have out for him to play with, and christened the whole shebang, looked down, and said 'Behbeh' like, oh look...I just peed on Baby Jesus. 

Lesson learned? I have no idea.  But I'm keeping my eye on Matt, this inappropriate urination location disease might be catching.


  1. Okay, this totally made me LOL this morning! HAHAHA! Boys are so fun! :P

  2. Boys!..You can't live them..you can't live without them!

  3. What a great morning laugh-- I would NOT know what to do about the neighbors! Drew peed on his Bible the other day. I thought it was cute that he wanted it by the bathtub. And then I learned why this is not a good idea! (Also, I spy "Peek a Who!")

  4. Oh, too funny! I love the covert ops, one of many to come I'm sure! Dear Jackie, such a boy!! xoxo, Oukie

  5. Hahah, oh my goodness!!!

  6. HAHAHAHHAHA I am dying! This is so hilarious!

  7. oh my! post like this crack me up and make me SO happy for my girl!

  8. Ha! This is hilarious! I probably would've went the 'hope the lights come back on' route, so you guys are better neighbors than I am!! :)


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