Saturday, January 29, 2011

Jinxed It

The scene is Saturday evening bath time.  Despite having a cold, Jack babbles playfully away in the tub, while his adoring parents look on.  He plays with his 'blub-blub' (fish) and he repeatedly squeezes the little blue whale.

'You know what kind of amazes me?" I ask Matt.

"What's that?"

"In fifteen months, he has never actually pooped in the tub", which is saying a lot, because he has pooped just about everywhere else.

"Oh, you totally jinxed that.  Now he is gonna crap." Matt sighs. 

"Shut it" I scoff.  Everyone knows that doesn't mean anything.

Jack looks up, smiles at Mommy and Daddy, and stands up to get out of the tub.  Then, he changes his mind, squats back down in the water to pick up the red fish...


Friday, January 28, 2011


I had a bunch of pictures to upload for this post, but I can't find my card reader, so we will just go the informal route.

- Yesterday was my mom's birthday, she had the day off and she, my sister, the boys, and I had big plans to go to the Aquarium.  Unfortunately the aquarium was closed due to snow.  Dratted ol' snow! We still had a great day of laughing, thrifting, and chatting.

- Jack came down with a little cold, which unfortunately has progressed into Croup.  Again.  As of yet he is doing pretty well, with no Yay! No oral steroids!

- Our recycling bin got snowplowed into a pile about 6 feet deep.  We will have to store all our recyclables 'til spring.  

- As of yesterday I officially started writing for, a cool website with different regions all over the country, so you can find the one nearest you for local info from moms!  If you would like to go directly my blog over there, you can clink on the button link in the left sidebar!

- Don't quote me on this one, but we have plans to do a closet/office makeover this weekend. There is an unused closet in the playroom, granted, it is a small closet, but we have been just using to store boxes of outgrown baby clothes, while the computer resides under the couch...which seems silly.  It will be nice to have a little shut off space to keep all that stuff out of the reach of little fingers.  Something like this one from Country Living...
..only a little less amazing because, let's be honest, I'm basically working with tacky glue and a thumb tack.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Boy and His Dog

Hey did you guys know I have a dog?  Yeah! I do! I used to post about him quite frequently, and then I had a baby.  And then that baby screamed a lot and dog got so stressed out that he pooped blood (we rushed him to the vet, and the vet gave him a shot.  He was fine after that).  And then that baby got big and noticed that we have a dog.  And that baby LOVES that dog. 

Every day after Jaco's walk, we leave the leash on and Jack 'walks' him around the house laughing maniacally the entire time.  Or rather, the dog walks Jack around the house. 
It's kind of precious, don't you think?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

All You Need is Love...and a Glue Stick

You guys, I love your ice breakers! Matt even asked me to read them out loud to him, we were cracking up.  From celery allergies to styrophobia, they were all great, if you get a chance you should go check them out! Also, I'm making a few little changes to the website, so if you visit and it is all kinds of messed up, bear with me! It should be fixed soon!

I want to post a little bit about our day yesterday, because it was a lot of fun.  As Jack grows I want him to enjoy the simple fun of holiday anticipation, and that includes the oft maligned day of February 14th.  I used to really dislike Valentines Day, for no reason other than it seemed silly, and maybe it is, but I want Jack to have fun memories of construction paper hearts and glue sticks.
 It's not that I think every holiday needs to be a big production, but I believe that for a child there is magic in digging out the old stickers that you never used from your wedding and forgetting about the mess on the floor or the glue on the table.
I want him to remember silly heart garlands strung around the living room, the rag garland draped over the mirror, and the corny pink ribbon adorning the wreath on the front door.
We started making Valentines yesterday morning, and by 'making' I mean he colored on hearts and tried to eat his crayons, but hey, they are non-toxic right?
 Midway through I checked in with my sister and she and my nephew dropped their daily plans and came over to make Valentines as well, and the four of us huddled over scraps of pink and red and dined on grilled cheese and yogurt.  Emily and I laughed over glue covered doilies while the boys lost interest and started to wrestle in the ball pit. 
We snipped and we stamped and we glued, we colored and we strategically placed silver heart stickers on the Valentines that will soon be making their way to mailboxes of loved ones.
Just spreadin' a little love around.  

How do you feel about Valentine's Day?  Are you in the paper heart cutting crowd, or the it's a holiday created by greeting card companies crowd?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ice Breaker

Am I the only person that thought the first day of school ice breakers were the height of awkwardness?  Man how I hated having to come up with something like 'what color describes you and why?' about red 'cause I am mortified to be standing in front of the classroom?

But anyway...that isn't really the point of this short little post.  Over the last few months I have noticed a lot of new 'faces' round these parts, and when I see a new name pop up in the comments I try to make sure I follow it back to find out who you are, but I still feel like I am missing people. 

My favorite part of blogging is all the different types of people that I come into contact with, it's this great, weird, little group that I get to be a part of made up of people that I would never have known otherwise. And I would like to get to know you all better. is my ice breaker...tell me something random about yourself.  Even if you and I have 'known' each for a while, I am sure there is something about you that I don't already know. 

So spill it.  I will go first. 

I once ate a silkworm.  On purpose.

Your turn!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Weekend Smile

 Saying his prayers before dinner.
The fat, clenched fingers break my heart every time.

Have a great weekend you guys! Stay warm, unless you are some of the lucky few that don't have to dress like a mummy to go outside right now!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Playroom Sneak Peek

When we moved into our new house, we were excited to have a spare bedroom so that guests could stay overnight instead of driving home ( Matts family lives a few hours away so we thought this would be used frequently), but to our surprise it was only used once in six months.  So basically, it was wasted space, it was pretty, but wasted.  Meanwhile, our living room was beginning to be overwhelmed by toys, despite our best efforts to keep the toys under control.  Shortly before Christmas, we decided that it was silly to continue stepping around all the toys simply to open the blinds. 

So, we took action.  We cleared out the guest room, and are slowly turning it into a fun space for Jack to play, and we are probably going to make the closet of the room into a little office type space for us to keep our computer and such out of the way. 

Because I liked the way Jack's nursery is simple, but fun, and because you all know I love a good theme, I decided I would paint some canvasses for this room as well.  Instead of Dr. Seuss again, we decided to pay homage to the insanity that the room sees with a loose circus theme.  Here is a little sneak peek of one of the paintings, and the flag border thingie that I slapped together with Jack's old curtains and some glue (classy eh?). isn't quite done yet.  But I am at a standstill, because I cannot make up my mind.  Go figure huh? 

I have three out of four paintings finished, and while I am by no means an artist of any kind, they turned out pretty good.  But that fourth painting...I just can't figure out what to do!

I think I would like to paint either a cartoonish lion, or a seal, but agh! The decision is killing me! (Okay, it's not that dramatic, but you know what I mean!)   I asked on my facebook page, and the votes were overwhelming in one direction, but I would still like a little more I am appealing to you, my friends. 

Help a sister out.  Seal or lion?  Lion or seal?  Or, as my cousin suggested, sea lion - best of both worlds!

(Okay..I tried to put a poll here, but it changed the color of my entire site, so we are doing this old-school and you will have to weigh in in the comment section!)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I have been sorting through some old pictures on my computer, and I just sit there getting teary eyed thinking about how amazing it has been to watch Jack grow.  To watch Matt become a Daddy.  To feel myself become a mother. 
This is almost one year ago now.  I remember thinking he looked so big in his corduroy overalls that day!   I used to silently scoff when people would say 'enjoy it, it goes so fast' and think clearly you do not remember getting up 6 times a night.  This is not going fast.  But now I find myself waxing nostalgically about the speed that life has taken.

I cringe as I hear myself say 'it just goes so fast' but you know what?  It does. 

It really does.

Monday, January 17, 2011


Jack has begun to show off a real dare-devil streak in the past few months.  It started with him showing no fear of steps of any kind.  He will walk right off of them.  Thankfully we have always been there to grab him before anything serious could happen, and we keep our stairs gated all day, every day.  Then, about a week ago he demonstrated the ability to push a toy over to the couch and use it to climb up onto the couch, which is a definite no-no in our house.  Not surprisingly, he also fell off the couch twice in one day (he was fine, but still).

His newest trick has been to climb on his little red rocking chair and stand there until someone sees him, then he will say 'no! down' like...oh hey! How did I get up here?! That's weird.  

I have started keeping the chair out of his reach if I am going to be in and out of the room, but he still manages one or two escapades a day.  And when he gets caught?
I try REALLY hard not to laugh.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Frilly Wreath DIY

Shortly after New Years, we packed up the Christmas decorations, took down the tree, and although we will be cleaning up pine needles until Easter, our house is fully de-Christmased.  Not surprisingly, this kicks my nesting instinct up into high gear (even when I'm not pregnant).

I stumbled across this amazing wreath online, and I could not believe what it was made out of.
I love how intricate and full the frills are, but how simple the wreath actually looks on the wall.  It's just...well, it's pretty.
 It only cost me around $5-10 to make, and it was very very simple.  Have you figured out what it is yet?
It's made of coffee filters! I just bunched them up and twisted the bottom, then pinned them to a foam wreath form with dressmaker pins. 
I haven't found it a permanent home yet, but I think it would look great in a rustic/romantic bedroom, or over a door, or in front of a mirror, know...anywhere.

 If you are looking to spruce up your home on your own, you should totally check out this collection of projects from bloggers.  Some of these are amazing and you are bound to find some inspiration!
WhisperWood Cottage
Have you been re-feathering your nest lately too?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snowy Day

Jack and I are suffering from a mild case of Cabin Fever, but lucky for us, overnight the world was blanketed with snow.  So, after lunch, we bundled up in our boots and hats, and we hit the great outdoors to admire the wonder of white. 

At first, he was very unsure.  He wasn't upset, but he wasn't excited either. 
But before long, I saw a familiar expression begin to creep over his face.  First his little lip tucks under, and before you know it...
He smiles!  He couldn't really do much other than stand there, and when I put some snow in his mitten he just kind of stared at it, and smiled at the wonder of winter.
Not to mention his mittens are HUGE, but I figured it was better than socks on his hands (which we have totally done in the past).
 I hope you can all take a moment today to appreciate the beauty of the world we live's a pretty incredible place when you stop and look around.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Random Bits

I have a lot of randoms that don't really constitute a post of their own, so I am going to throw them all in here and hope it makes something good.  Much like how I 'cook'.

- A diaper literally exploded on me this morning, showering me with little urine soaked crystals of, well, urine.

- I always look forward to that first smooch of the New Year.  This year?  Matt was in the bathroom and came out completely clueless that he had even missed it.  Happy New Year babe.

- My sister is having a GIRL!

- We recently bought a new set of pans, and to my surprise, I am NOT a horrible cook all of the time, I just had horrible pans.  I haven't burnt anything for weeks.  That's not to say I haven't melted anything in the dishwasher lately though.

- I have had a cold for about a week now, but over the weekend I was in a lot of pain.  Eventually, it got bad enough that I went to see a doctor who informed me that I had a double ear infection.  Those suckers HURT, no wonder poor Jack gets so inconsolable. 

- We have been trying to teach Jack to 'love' the dog.  We hold his hand while we stroke Jaco and say 'love'.  Today he tried to hit Jaco with a stick while saying 'LOVE!'...I think he missed the point of the lesson.

-There is another showing on our house today.  The first showing went VERY poorly.  The guy walked in, saw the mold, said 'no way' and walked out.  I can't say that I blame him, that was sort of our reaction too, just with more tears.

- I'm trying to get back into reading this year.  Not that I wasn't reading before, but I was reading the same book over and over...I need to branch out a little.  So far this year I have read 5 books, that's pretty good start.

- Jack just dumped a bowl of cereal on the floor, and is stomping on it.  I have to go.  Bye now.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Thoughts on Weaning

Weaning.  I gotta tell hasn't been easy.  There have been a LOT of tears, some sobbing, maybe even a little whimpering.  Oh, not Jack.  No, he hasn't cried at all, I'm the one that has been doing the crying.  I feel like this is such a big thing, this precious connection that he and I have shared for 14 months is now over, and although it is certainly a necessary change, I don't feel like I was ready.

I feel like I am supposed to feel liberated.  Like...ah, finally, my body is fully my own again.  But honestly, I don't.  I feel like I am missing something.  I miss nursing him at night before he goes to bed.  I couldn't be happier that he has adjusted so well, but in a way, it hurts.  He hasn't skipped a beat, and after just one day without nursing, he stopped asking for it.  That tells me he was completely ready, and I knew that holding on to nursing for my own sentimental reasons was selfish at that point.

I want him to be my baby, my itty bitty little guy that still needs to nurse, but the truth is that he is not my itty bitty baby anymore.  He is a toddler, one that was ready to wean.  As much as I know it doesn't change the relationship he and I have, it feels like the last real physical connection has been broken, which I know had to happen but it still makes a momma cry.
 First step weaning, second step college. 

My boobs hurt.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Riddle Me This

I'm going to show you three items.  And I bet that a good portion of you will know exactly why and how these three items are related to each other.

Which means you will also know that we have made a big step from babyhood in the direction of childhood.  And I am feeling a little weepy.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

14 Months

14 months since this little guy came along and changed everything.  He is in this really cool stage of rapid development, every day seems to bring a new challenge or accomplishment.  He can say more words than I even know, busting them out to my surprise, like today when he picked up his hairbrush and announced 'bruck'.

Every morning I put him down and open his toy box in the living room, while he goes and gets his tiny pair of baby crocs that he demands to wear OVER his footie pajamas.  Often he plays happily for a while, then points to the TV and announces 'Elmo'.  The kid has seen ONE Elmo DVD, and still he loves it so much that I can only let him watch it in increments.  40 minutes of him glued to the TV may sound nice in theory, but I would rather read him a book than pop in his movie. 

I know I say this a lot, but man has that kid ever taught me a lot about finding joy in daily life.  For instance...did you know pretzal sticks are TONS of fun?
'Cause they totally are.

One year, two months.  And rockin' a fabulous mullet.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

It's 2011

Still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that another year of life has come and gone, leaving me breathlessly contemplating the changes it has brought.  The most obvious change has been in Jack, who can now be called nothing other than a toddler.   One who is now openly defiant at that.  That has been a fun development, leaving me with my jaw dropped as he ran away from me down the hallway yelling 'NO NO NO NO' to his pajamas. I guess this is where the real parenting starts huh?

We have also moved twice, the first time being out of our home and into my mother's basement basically overnight when we found massive amounts of black mold hidden under several layers of flooring in the kitchen (and later in the living room, and the walls and ceiling), and the second time being in June when we finally got into a place of our own again, albeit a rental, it is a blessing.  We are very happy here.

About the house thing,  I know I haven't mentioned it much lately, and I certainly haven't kept you up to date as I should have, but the truth is - I just wanted a place where it didn't matter.  The past 10 months have been hard on us, and Matt has shouldered the brunt of the burden on his own.  He has dealt with lawyers, Realtors, brokers, etc.  and the strain is starting to show on him.

SO...although it may not sound like a good thing, as of today, January 4th, our former home is officially on the market.  It is going up for a short sale, and we are hoping and praying that an investor sees the beauty and potential of our lot, and decides to buy the property.  Ideally, I am sure you know that we would have renovated the home ourselves...but alas, we do not have forty thousand dollars to put into it (and that is a LOW estimate) so this is our next best option.  Our Realtor informed us today that he has already received four phone inquiries, which is a good sign, if nothing else. We would both absolutely love your prayers that the right person stumbles onto the house. 

It's tough, you know?  We haven't lived in the house for almost ten months, but sometimes I still think of it as home.  I would lying if I said I haven't found myself absentmindedly heading there after going to grocery store, and sometimes when I need some time away from everything, I still drive by to see it, to see the creek with the lame excuse of 'checking the mail'.  I ran into the girls that were our neighbors, the little ones that had enormous, hilarious crushes on my husband, and my heart panged a little.

But then I think about they way Jack used to scream for hours on end when we lived there, for no apparent reason.  How he used to wake up from sleep, wailing like his little body was in pain, and although we don't have definite proof, both Matt and I firmly believe that the house was the cause.  The levels of mold in the air were high enough to cause arsenic poisoning, the first symptoms of which are headaches and stomach pain. Within a week or so of leaving there, Jack changed.  He was...content.  Sure he cried, but he finally cried for reasons we could solve.  He cried when he was hungry, or sleepy, or needed changed, and for the first time I felt like I was doing it...this whole mothering thing.

I'm just so grateful that Matt pulled up the floor when he did.  Not a day later.  I'm so thankful that I have this beautiful, healthy child, and his handsome caring father.  So, 2011?  Bring it on! I'm excited to see what you have in store for us. 

I am sorry I have been MIA for the last few days, I was attempting to squeeze every last drop of fun out of Matt's holiday break, and somehow I also managed to break my laptop.  Everything works EXCEPT for the wireless thingamajig, so I can't get online.  I'm pretty sure it will turn out to be something stupid like a button I inadvertently pushed, and I will be back in action in no time.

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