Thursday, January 13, 2011

Frilly Wreath DIY

Shortly after New Years, we packed up the Christmas decorations, took down the tree, and although we will be cleaning up pine needles until Easter, our house is fully de-Christmased.  Not surprisingly, this kicks my nesting instinct up into high gear (even when I'm not pregnant).

I stumbled across this amazing wreath online, and I could not believe what it was made out of.
I love how intricate and full the frills are, but how simple the wreath actually looks on the wall.  It's just...well, it's pretty.
 It only cost me around $5-10 to make, and it was very very simple.  Have you figured out what it is yet?
It's made of coffee filters! I just bunched them up and twisted the bottom, then pinned them to a foam wreath form with dressmaker pins. 
I haven't found it a permanent home yet, but I think it would look great in a rustic/romantic bedroom, or over a door, or in front of a mirror, know...anywhere.

 If you are looking to spruce up your home on your own, you should totally check out this collection of projects from bloggers.  Some of these are amazing and you are bound to find some inspiration!
WhisperWood Cottage
Have you been re-feathering your nest lately too?


  1. Beautiful, Bekah and such a bargain! Made with love, the best decor out there! love you, Oukie

  2. LOVE it! So easy... even I could do it ;)
    I can see adding some kind of clips or pins to it for some color also.

  3. now that I have a nest to feather I definitely will be doing just that. That wreath is awesome! and would look wonderful for pretty much any season! Coffee filters who would have thunk it?

  4. So cool! I have been wanting to do a fabric frilly wreath for awhile!

  5. Isn't that just the easiest yet pretty thing ever! I love it.

  6. Beautiful, Bekah!! What a great & simple idea! Yay! for pretty, frilly things! :)

  7. It's amazing how something so beautiful is constructed of such simple objects! Gorgeous! Thanks for linking up at WhisperWood Cottage!!

  8. Very pretty. But it would be covered in dust in my house. Dustiest house ever. No matter what. Guess it's the dirt road I live on. :(

  9. So pretty and chic! That would be gorgeous in bedroom with a lot of whites. I'm amongst the My House is Dusty clan. It would be a suave shade of grey in two days. But that doesn't keep it from being gorgeous.

  10. Ohhhh, I LOVE this!! I just stumbled upon your blog today via twitter (following now RobynLeeINC : ) I will have to try this out. I made a paper wreath and blogged about it here: if you want to check it out. There's a link in the post explaining how to make it : ) So fun!


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