Saturday, January 29, 2011

Jinxed It

The scene is Saturday evening bath time.  Despite having a cold, Jack babbles playfully away in the tub, while his adoring parents look on.  He plays with his 'blub-blub' (fish) and he repeatedly squeezes the little blue whale.

'You know what kind of amazes me?" I ask Matt.

"What's that?"

"In fifteen months, he has never actually pooped in the tub", which is saying a lot, because he has pooped just about everywhere else.

"Oh, you totally jinxed that.  Now he is gonna crap." Matt sighs. 

"Shut it" I scoff.  Everyone knows that doesn't mean anything.

Jack looks up, smiles at Mommy and Daddy, and stands up to get out of the tub.  Then, he changes his mind, squats back down in the water to pick up the red fish...



  1. Ohhh man, this cracked me up! And we think they don't listen to us...hahaha!

  2. This JUST happened to me 2 weeks ago! The one day I give Jackson a bath because my hubby is passed out sick and my boy leaves me a present in the tub. YUCK!

  3. Ooooh goodness that is too funny. :Knock on wood: we have not experienced the bathtub poop .... yet!

  4. hahahah, this is hilarious!!! xoxo, Oukie

  5. I totally jinxed myself in the same way about getting peed on. EVERYONE in our family had been peed on by Drew except me... until I pointed it out.

  6. Ewwwww....see this is why I don't have children. Poop in the bathtub!

  7. wait til you have more than one and someone poops in the tub. now THAT's a riot. HA!

  8. LOL!!!!!!!! Hilar!!

  9. There are just things that you CAN'T say! And I will not say anything further due to this . . . :)


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